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Asda local to me has no till staff after 8pm. ALL self service tills which I detest.

I go elsewhere after the lady on the checkout told me that.
The M&S shop at West Suffolk Hospital had gone all self service tills last time I was there . Put my basket of shopping down and walked out . Plenty of other places to shop on the way home .
West Suffolk ? Addingbrooks you clown .
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The checkout staff are in a dispute because they claim their job is of equal value to the warehouse workers and they should be paid the same. They are the same apart from minor details like warehouse workers being on their feet all the time and the heavy lifting and pulling of loaded cages.

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As far as I know (not much...I worked in Sainsbury's for 8 months between jobs) most till-trained staff are also expected to "warehouse executive" the shop floor and help unload the deliveries on a half-and-half basis, but males were more likely to do the shelf-ing.


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And they blame the public as 'not being ready' for their lazy and shit idea.
And their app, written by a graduate with no experience of real world computing.


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EM , low IQ and a low temper threshold , wants to get all stabby . What could possibly go wrong ?
Where did it say he got stabby? He played a stab victim in Emmerdale but threw a punch at the other bloke.
EM: 'A digit is a digit; she'll never notice'.

'A Victorian teenager who was on her way to becoming a professional cricket player had her dreams crushed when a routine surgery went horribly wrong. Britney Thomas, from the state’s Gippsland region, was just 17 when a botched surgery on her fractured thumb resulted in her finger being amputated and replaced with her big toe.'

I bet she must now be a terror at Subbuteo though!
EM: Go on, my son, 'ave 'im
Soap nugget: Ok, Boss

"I sincerely apologise to everybody who has been affected especially Jamie Lomas, the whole Emmerdale team, our audience, ITV, my family, and the organisers of the TV Choice Awards.

"I am devastated, accept full responsibility for my actions and I am determined to learn from this."

Learn from it? You think?


Where did it say he got stabby? He played a stab victim in Emmerdale but threw a punch at the other bloke.
From another link to the story .....Along the lines of " I will ******* kill you , I will get a knife and ******* stab you "
Stabby enough ?

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