The Emperor Mongs Pronouncements

In my less law abiding days, if I were challenged as I parked up in a P&C space, I'd just say "Yes, I'm going inside to collect them". Or if challenged as I came out of the store, I'd just say "Yes, I've dropped them off and I'll be back later"
I do that now, on account of there's always a child seat fitted on the back seat for the older grandson.
EM Strike a match and have a quick look [in Chinese]

Firefighters pull man from rubble of devastating Chinese factory blast 40 HOURS after explosion that flattened industrial plant leaving 64 dead

China factory blast death toll jumps to 64, as man is rescued 40 hours after explosion | Daily Mail Online
Massive industrial accident in China you say? Now don't get me Wong, but it's not rike His Excremence has to put much effort in for something rike dat to happen ova dere, now is it?

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