The Emperor Mongs Pronouncements

EM: Go on Kosha go and obstruct the police whilst they try and carry out their lawful duties :

Koshka Duff was arrested after offering a legal advice card to a black teenager during his stop-and-search.

"They caused significant injury, and subjected me to degrading treatment," said Dr Duff, who is originally from Aberdeen.

"It was three officers on top of me but it felt like it was more because they were kneeling on me with their full weight and they were all over me.

"They tied my legs together and they had my hands in handcuffs.

"They cut my clothes off with scissors and ripped out my piercings. While they were doing that they were twisting my arms around behind my back."
"When they had me completely naked they touched my breasts and between my legs," said Dr Duff.

'Degrading strip search left me with PTSD'
From BBC article:
While she was in the van Dr Duff said she heard one of the officers describe her as a "bleeding heart lefty" and "some sort of socialist".

They sure got the description right for the report. When I read that she was handing Mr Stabby a card about stop and search I thought she was one of those human rights lawyers rather than someone who is tickling the ivories at the bingo club on a Friday night. Dozy twunt. I hope they discussed cavity searches, she might have been carrying a lump of C-4 up her chuff.
Bearing in mind that:
A) Custody suites have full CCTV and audio recording 24/7.
B) The Custody Sergeant walked at half time on a no case to answer representation by his brief.
C) Any judicial review will have full access to all the sound (or lack of it) and vision.
Hopefully she will have to pay full costs, lose her Doctorate title and revert to being described as that dozy twat by as many people as possible.
And get AIDS.


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Mea culpa.
Wear a red shirt and dont keep an eye on the bulls (Twice)


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