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If you're going to grow weed for a living, it really helps to pay your utility bills on time

A man was caught growing 50 cannabis plants with a potential street value of up to more than £50,000 in in his home - because he had not paid his utility bills.

Richard Jones, 44, was found to have a cannabis factory at his property in Cardiff after officers forced entry into his home due to the unpaid bills.

Police found 24 cannabis plants in one room and 26 in the other, along with lighting equipment, fans and plant pots.

Mr Jones said the plants had a potential street value of between £17,500 and £52,500.

In his police interview, the defendant accepted he was responsible for growing the plants, but stated it was all for personal use - which the prosecution rejected.

Sarah Waters, defending, said: "He had split up with his girlfriend and was going through a bad time."

She said he could not afford his "habit" on the income he was receiving through Employment and Support Allowance.

Ms Waters stressed her client pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and does not take drugs anymore.


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EM ‘Tropper why not write to the chief constable and post it on Twitter, you’ll get off with shooting people in N. I. And be a hero and probably get a knighthood’.

Tropper ‘hic, beer, opera bird, drink, aye I’ll do it, I’m a hero, beer, beer ‘
Since when were the Police involved in debt collection?
Abnormal energy consumption will be passed on for int. Also we keep an eye out for houses with no snow on in winter. Otherwise we often attend at the request of enforcement officers if the subject kicks off - to 'prevent breach of the peace'
How would they get the evidence needed for a warrant?
I'm guessing it's just the usual crap reporting & there was rather more than an unpaid electricity bill involved.
bloody big cables running from the cutout are a start, bypassing the meter
lots of fuse boxes and sockets and trailing wires all over the place
its usually necessary to isolate the power to the property to prevent electrocution or fire
Vietnamese Sparkies are worse than Brazilian ones

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The emperor whispered in young Adams lughole, get yourself a top class video camera attached to your bone dome and make some amazing videos showing your large clear LCD display, so that all your friends may marvel at your skill and bravery
the thik Knut doing the rozzers work for them
result a clear image of the instrument panel showing 189 miles per hour on the public highway
a computer full of videos to show the beak
21 months inside without a motorbike is going to chafe a little
and getting insurance afterwards for anything bigger than a pizza bike is going to hurt
If only he had done it in a car, 9 points and a 60 day ban.

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