The Emperor Mongs Pronouncements


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The road down which I go into work has a section that floods to a foot when there's heavy rain. I slow down and make my way through it slowly.

EM had obviously been talking to the boy racer who overtook me and howled towards the flooded section.

"Go on son, it won't be deep and there will be tons of spectacular spray".

Spectacular spray there was, followed by boy racer parking up by the entrance to a field and peering underneath his car.

I could almost hear the "Mwa ha ha" as I drove sedately post....

At last. A moderately workable way to make the distinction between Ant and Dec.

Ant is the one who is cracking up.

(Or is it Dec?)
Aaaand, they've cancelled Saturday Night Takeaway. Selfish bastard.

I wonder what will happen to all those people who've won "A place on the plane" to go to Florida?

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