The Emperor Mongs Pronouncements

Never heard of them. Are they related to that bloke Ronnie Someoneorother?
While I was jogging yesterday afternoon, I just missed out on kicking a d**khead off his monkey bike that he riding illegally on the footpath in my local park.

Need to work on my reflexes a bit. Either that or join them by driving my 4WD through the park over them.

These incidents seem to have prop firearms with functioning barrels (nothing blocking them at all) involved.

With Brandon Lee, the scene was actually supposed to be him getting shot. Still, the old adage "don't point a firearm at anything you aren't going to shoot" should apply here to Mr Baldwin, even with prop firearms that have supposedly been rendered safe.
Sort of difficult to 'shoot' someone in a movie without pointing it at them.

There must be a better way: CGI?
it was drinks trays when I heard it in 78.

Olympic length ski jump. As did two jock squaddie's in Bavaria, pissed up they went down the Oberstdorf ski jump on a couple of beer grates, both killed. I heard this story in 1976, how true i don't know, but as the area had at that time about 2000+ servicemen from dozens of different BAOR locations down for Ex snow queen, its quite possibly true. :p
I thought it was a Stolly. :rolleyes:


War Hero
His imperial mongness to a certain young Tpr Proff3RTR one night in BFG, ‘pleb, it is well past 1900hrs, why are you not in the Regimental watering hole with the rest of the plebs like a good little Tankie?, you are vexing me greatly with this wanton display of Cavalry antics!’ Now young Tpr Proff3RTR has this one in the bag, ‘ah, but wise and enlightened emperor Mong the first, I am on Tank guard up at Soltau tomorrow and our chariot (TM) is leaving early to deliver us to Rhiensaland camp which is where my worthless hide will be for the next week, so I thought a quiet night in with a VHS tape of ladies doing things to each other and a bit of kip might be in order’ see, that had him, or so I thought ‘ENOUGH MORtAL!’ Screamed his immortalness, ‘GET your horrid arse off to the NAAFI bar and get shitters, and that’s a fcuking Royal degree!’ The rest is a blur, I remember getting dragged out of my pit at a completely unholy time by one of our Cpl’s who was not best pleased, only to find out my bezzer had been visited by his Royal Mongness as well, and he had had exactly the same chat with him! Who’d of thought that eh.
Well guess which two numpties were on guard the first night for most of it, and the second etc.

Your Royal Mongness, you sir are indeed a CNUT of the highest order.
Now having given your reply some thought I have come to the conclusion that you're a stupid Cųnt, nevermind shes a granny, she became illegible for a Darwin when she became a mum.
She has bred, passed on her genetic code... she cannot get a Darwin. As I said you Don't know how Darwin awards work.
As I said
you're a stupid cünt. You may think this is harsh, but I tell you this to alleviate your ignorance. If no one tells you, You won't know and will spread your stupid cuñtery everywhere you go.
Inflicting innocent folk with your stupid cüntish ways.
In this time of global crisis it is the departments belief that you can contribute to fighting the pandemic by rubbing your face against a cheese grater until you reach your shoulders.

That was mean. Funny but mean.
You must not been breast fed by your mother as you seem to have anger issue's & that of fcuktardness.
Possibly bought on by your erectile dysfunction & not having any normal friends, do you have an asbo or social worker as you need treatment for psychosis.

Someone who will listen to your ramblings as they have to are at 116 123.
They care,I don't! Mong

Congratulations on proving his point.
Two squaddies involved ?
If they are into that sort of thing why didn't they just shag each other ?
Maybe one was a Corporal.

You shouldn't screw a full screw . . . They get too tight.