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The Emperor Mongs Pronouncements


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Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
Carpenter takes advice from the purple cloaked one ( to be fair hes a bit thick)

Sky History channels new show The Chop, features various bearded tattoed outspoken folk in a competetive carpentry show ??
they pulled the show however after it was noticed that one particular woodwacker seems to support an Austrian housepainter
the tattood , shaven headed, beardy knucklehead in question is called Darren Lumsden
his skin features combinations such as
he of course denies any links, and after taking the emperors advice claimed that the numbers 88 relate to the year that his Father sadly passed away !
Darren Lumsden admits that he is impatient and a trifle headstrong, and confrontational

while it is sad to hear of a talented young man losing his place on the show, and thousands of hours of work going down the pan, please consider his late Father Trevor Lumsden

Trevor newly returned from the dead in an almost biblical manner, yesterday spoke to the mail online via a medium ( Doris Stokes) and pointed out that reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated , in fact he is hale and hearty and very undead
he said, I quote
"Im here arent I , I am alive and kicking so im not dead yet
I have not seen Darren for years, I didnt know he had tattoos over his face or that he was going to be on TV , but if they are saying I am dead, I would like them to know I am not

better change your name Darren you mong



Holey Sierras, Batman!

....a hilltop RSIGS det in S Armagh had a TV shot out, the visiting plainclothes round robin guy was watching a video (VHS, youngsters, VHS) and pretending to shoot the baddie on screen. Only he had a round up the spout. Oh dear.

I suspect His Imperial Grace The Emperor Mong whispered something in his ear shortly before the bullet started pinging around in the ISO.
I carried (flew in) the replacement TV to the det...wasn't it R21 (799)? All a blur
Is this His Purpleness or just normal service?


Book Reviewer


Go on, have a pop at the bussiness' offering free meals to kids when your political party and government has refused to feed the hungry, what could possibly go wrong.

Free meals: North Devon MP Selaine Saxby urged to quit
I hope the LibDems screeching for her to apply for the stewardship of the Manor of Northstead were as equally, if not more, vocal in calling for Margaret Ferrier to do the same.

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