The Emperor has no clothes on - End the anti-racist lobby

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BrandySoured, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. It's about time this subject got some serious debate and Hitchens is just the man to do it. Shame it's in the Mail though as it reduces the credibility IMO:

    Peter Hitchens
  2. Yes... exactly. But ain't that what all Yoghurt crunching, Bed wetting, Tree hugging Lefties of the Social-shit persuation do? Insult and hate everything to do with good old Blighty because these same folks really secretly hate themselves so much. So they have to take that hate out on something - so it's targeted at British traditions, institutions and everything around them.

    I call these educated socialshits 'Muppets', because the only case they have its their own narrow minded perspective on Life and Society. If they are not 'whining' about something, then they are 'bleating' like sheep about just how... 'Hard Done by' they are. If they really want to see how 'Hard done By' many people have to live their daily lives..... Go out to Zim and observe just how Komrade Bob and his Zanu-Pf cronies treat their own fellow citizens. After all, is not Komrade Bob one of their Lefty socialist type people?

    Of course there is a deafening silence from our Left-leaning friends and others of the Socialist Ilk...... after all, they cannot be seen to be criticizing fellow Komrades....

    Oh... yawn, I might just watch PMQs today, Wednesday, to see if the Boy David gives old McBalloon some welly... then I'm off down the Pub for a liquid lunch or three.... maybe :p :)
  3. Slippery Ali

    Is a disgrace, he screamed Racism every time he did not get his own way.

    When will this country learn people must be promoted or elected into positions of authority because of their abilities and not because of the colour of their skin or because they are from a minority group.


  4. No question time today - they have taken another holiday
  5. I'm not sure that the prosecution of Dizaei will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

    What I am sure of is that this goverments unwillingness to discuss immigration, racism etc openly is leading to a mass defection to the BNP from all political parties.

    The electorate should have the whip hand, not a bunch of left wing gobshites who have far to much influence.
  6. First paragraph:

    Last sentence:

    I don't even think he can follow his own arguments.
  7. This makes interesting reading from the Gaurdian, written just after he was re-instated.

    Met reinstates Ali Dizaei after £7m inquiry fiasco

    Vikram Dodd
    The Guardian, Friday 31 October 2003 02.13 GMT

    Scotland Yard yesterday made an embarrassing climbdown by reinstating one of its most senior ethnic minority officers who had been suspended over a string of corruption allegations.

    Superintendent Ali Dizaei was cleared in September at the Old Bailey of criminal charges for the second time after a massive investigation by his own force. He and his supporters had damned the four-year, multimillion pound inquiry - which included telephone taps - as a racist witch-hunt.

    Yesterday Mr Dizaei wore his police uniform for the first time since January 2001, after getting his job back after a tense six weeks of negotiations brokered by the conciliation service Acas.

    Senior Metropolitan police officers had vowed that he would never return to work because he lacked the integrity to do so. Yesterday the force said Mr Dizaei was "returning with his integrity demonstrably intact".

    Within hours of the deal being announced, the Metropolitan police commissioner, Sir John Stevens, told an audience including Mr Dizaei that he admired him.

    Sources say the home secretary, David Blunkett, made clear his wish for a settlement to avoid years of expensive and embarrassing legal action.

    As part of the settlement, Mr Dizaei will drop all legal action and complaints, including a planned race discrimination claim against the force which could have led to a payout of more than £1m.

    He has admitted falling below the standards expected of a senior police officer by making a threatening phone call to a former girlfriend and by lying to officers about the location of his car when it was damaged. He will receive "words of advice" about his conduct, the lowest form of police censure.

    The force had accused the officer, an outspoken critic of police racism, of being a threat to national security, abusing drugs and using prostitutes. Despite an estimated £7m cost in investigation and two criminal trials, all the allegations proved baseless.

    "It's a complete victory for me," Mr Dizaei said. "A year ago I was an alleged terrorist, and now I'm back in uniform with my integrity intact."

    The superintendent, once tipped to become a chief constable, will take a strategic command course in April next year, the gateway to the upper echelons of the police. He predicted he would be involved in operational policing within a year. On rejoining the force formally on December 1, he will be seconded to the National Black Police Association as a way of smoothing his reintegration into the force's leadership after so long away.

    But he predicted that he might suffer a backlash from some in the force. "I'm sure it's not going to be an easy ride, but I've never had one in the police service," he said.

    He will also get about £80,000 in compensation.

    Pressure for a Met climbdown intensified after black officers became so incensed by his treatment that they boycotted police efforts to recruit more ethnic minority officers.

    Addressing the Met's Black Police Association, Sir John seemed to admit the boycott's impact: "There is absolutely no way we could police London properly without a proper cultural mix that reflects the population," he said.

    He said work to stamp out racism and recruit more ethnic minority officers "stood a chance of being lost".

    In a stunning turnaround, Sir John then praised Mr Dizaei: "The other thing I have to tell you, Ali, which I admire you for, you've admitted that you've done wrong... How often do we get police officers who are prepared to do that... and I believe that has allowed us to move on."

    Sir John said he had heard grumblings that the force was weak to take Mr Dizaei back. But he said: "To reach compromise, to move forward, to admit to mistakes from both sides is not a weakness, it is a strength."

    The deal also saves the Met deputy commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, from an investigation, after a complaint from Mr Dizaei about his role in the case. Sir Ian oversaw the team which investigated Mr Dizaei and pursued him for so long.

    As part of the fallout from the case, the Metropolitan Police Authority is to investigate the higher level of disciplinary action taken against ethnic minority officers. Furthermore, another force will investigate the saga for the Police Complaints Authority.

    The same reporter was trying his best to defend him recently as well, no-one ever admits they're wrong do they?

    Also note the spinelesness of the man who new he was guilty but dare not take on the Gaurdianistas
  8. Are you joking mate?

    Do you know how many jobs are at stake both within the police and outside in wider society in the Diverstiy Industry? Or how many promotions depend on speaking the right babble on the panel?

    (I'm only jealous 'cos I still work shifts actually nicking bad guys, and haven't got a nice desk on a community relations team or something similar).
  9. I am not one to defend Dizaei, he is a corrupt man who got what he deserved. However that is not an excuse to act as if we, the British people were wrong to treat him fairly. At a time when there were no convictions against Dizaei (and it's one of the great things about our Law, if the court finds you not guilty then you are entitled to be treated as if you aren't guilty) he was treated as if he was an innocent man. This may have allowed a corrupt criminal to operate as if he were above the Law for a short while but British justice caught up with him in the end and prevailed.
    How we would be treated in Iran is of no consequence. We are British and we treat people in a civilised manner because that is the British way. Just because Dizaei was corrupt that doesn't mean that all Iranians are corrupt or, indeed that all non-British are corrupt, it only means that he, Dizaei was corrupt.
    To say that to be anti-racist is somehow anti-British is so bizarre and so far from the truth as to be ludicrous. The UK has led the world in tolerance and fair play for centuries. No-one has a greater sense of fairplay that the Briton and I'm proud of my country and the justice and freedom for which it stands.
    Racists are anti-British and if you don't think they are then go and start a petition to get the Gurkhas out of this country or do you prefer selective racism? There are British people of all races who have served their country well and have been model citizens and they deserve better than this sort of gutter press article and the ARRSE Racist Cognoscenti all falling over themselves to agree with its sentiment. Fortunately there are only a few racists on here.
    Just remember that this article is arguing for out and out racism not just a bit of stop immigration discomfort.
  10. The emperior has no clothes on...because the racist bastards stole his clothes...that's why! Only the white man can wear clothes is it? not in multi-cultural Britain, a land fit for ethnic minorities to flourish in - providing we can keep those white scum under control!
  11. Forgot to post this link to "Racist Murder and Pressure Group Politics".

    Leaving that report out on one's desk in the Met was courting career disaster!

    Racist Murder and Pressure Group Politics shows that the Macpherson Report produced no evidence at all of racist policies in the Metropolitan Police. The Macpherson Report did not even produce evidence of any racist 'bad apples' among the officers who were involved in the investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence.
    * Racist Murder shows that the evidence of the 'unwitting racism' of individual officers is ludicrous.
    * Racist Murder accuses the Macpherson Inquiry of abusing the forms of a court of law to put individuals on trial for nebulous thought crimes.
    * Racist Murder exposes the circular logic of the Macpherson Report.
    * Racist Murder exposes the Macpherson Report's low standards of proof and all-embracing definition of racism.
    * Racist Murder proves that videotape evidence was misrepresented in the Macpherson Report.
    * Racist Murder reveals that the Macpherson Inquiry 'unwittingly' took the term 'institutional racism' from an author who was himself a racist.
    * Racist Murder tells the story of appalling and potentially life-threatening mismanagement by the Macpherson Inquiry. If the Macpherson Report applied its own logic to its own mismanagement, it would itself be shown to be racist.
    * Racist Murder shows that the only irretrievable mistake in the Lawrence affair was made not by the police. It was made when murder suspects were privately prosecuted on hopelessly weak evidence by the Lawrences and their advisers. These suspects can never be tried again for the murder.
    * Racist Murder demonstrates that the main result of the Macpherson Report has been to give yet another boost to crime and to deliver yet another blow to the effectiveness of the police and the security of the public.
  12. A repetition of the tired old and ludicrous cries that emerge whenever any attempt is made to discuss the benefits of immigration, or the handling of minorities.

    Not wanting unfettered or mass immigration is a perfectly reasonable aspiration. So is treating everybody equally, with similar routes, and handling, and redress, of compalints and grievances.

    PS It's not just a bit of 'immigration discomfort'. It's about fundamentally altering the character of our nation without reasonable debate or approval; and nearer term about swamping our already stretched welfare, health and social services.
  13. As per usual Glos Plod grab the wrong end of the stick with this racism malarky, they've gone an arrested a black man for being racist :omfg:
  14. A great pity you didn't stop to read what I said. I don't have a problem if someone wants to argue against immigration and overcrowding but I do have a problem with an article that makes the premise that anyone who doesn't like racism is somehow anti-British. Argue against unfettered immigration all you like, I'll agree with most of what you say, just don't do it on a racist basis.
    Read what you quoted again. This article is arguing for out and out racism not arguing about unfettered immigration.
  15. Actually, it's not. It's stating, quite rightly, that the crowd who normally climb on the racism bandwagon are also those that generally oppose the British way of life.