The Emperor has been busy in Sweden...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Grey_Mafia65, Aug 5, 2011.

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  1. Man watching his son making a volcano for science project:

    "No lad, I've got a much better idea!"...
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  2. Well, at least they have tight gun laws and been bragging about it Sweden's gun laws would have stopped Norway killer: police - The Local

    "It wouldn't have worked in Sweden," said Lars Tonneman, director of the police law section at the National Police Agency (Rikspolisstyrelsen), told the TT news agency.

    "That weapon that he used was clearly originally manufactured for military purposes. He couldn't have gotten a permit for that gun here."

    As for pocket thermo nukes - If it's not for military purposes, then it's not covered by firearms legislation and therefore OK it seems.
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  3. The emperor was indeed busy, he documented his experiment on his blog before asking the authorities if his nuclear experiment should be the subject of some form of licensing and control.

    Richard's Reactor
  4. I was wondering about that when I heard he'd been arrested on the radio at work, but assumed they'd have got him on some kind of terrorism charge.
  5. Should have been able to stop him on some kind of Darwinism charge.
  6. Not the first such looney. The 'Radioactive Boy Scout' tried building a reactor in his shed and ended up contaminating a large part of his neighbourhood. When he was interviewed for the documentary, Hahn's interests had progressed to biological agents.

    David Hahn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Dangerous things, sheds, there should be a law against them.