The email Snoopers Charter whats Happening ?

Seems the Uk Gov are not content with the current legislation which gives authorities powers to delve into all our electronic conversations wether be it emails - loyalty card spending habits etc etc.. Where is this all going to end ? Do they really believe that the general populas are that gullable are falling for the line ' There are terrorists lurcking in their thousands and pedoes in every street and we want these powers to keep u safe.

We all know that the security services currently have powers to access the details of any suspect, so why on earth should they have the powers to record everyone in the UK, who knows they are probably already doing this.

I read somewhere that UK gov have more access to our privacy than any other country in the world ?? I am all for top notch surveillance on suspects and thats how it should be... but to everyone in the UK. Before the WWW would you or anyone tolerate getting their mail from the Postie only to find they have all been opened and photocopied and re-sealed with grubby sticky tape.

But why on earth don't the major powers get together and block all these sites, they have the technology and it will cost less.

Snoopers' Charter: Nick Clegg Urges Re-Think

We still need a little humour

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