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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Miss_D, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. I'd be extremely grateful to anyone who can tell me what exactly an AAC soldier does when he/she isnt 'refuelling and re-arming helicopters' - This is all I can find out about the job on the net and from recruiting booklets: I'm just looking for a bit of 'insiders' information. Also, I dont really want to be left on the ground for my whole career, how many Groundcrew become Aviation Crewmen? and after completing groundcrew training how long does it take to become a Class 1 Airtrooper? I'll be honest, I'm having grand ilusions of flying one day, do I need a good slap across the face to wake me up or is it a fairly achievable dream? (considering I pass aptitude tests of course)

    Thanks in advance for any reply
  2. This has come up a few times in the past Miss_D. Try a quick ARRSE search - lots of useful info :)
  3. No problems, although as you say, as long as you can pass selection.
  4. You can apply for transfer as a pilot from any trade in the army as long as you are a corporal. Can take a long time to reach this rank in the air corps so if you have decent qualifications pick a trade in which promotion is quick initially and apply for pilot when you are at correct rank. For example reme tech trades and royal military police reach corporal within 3-4 years compared to groundcrew which may take double that. If you do end up as groundcrew, prepare yourself for pushing aircraft about, re/defuelling, other jobs such as working in sqms stores and general duties (ie sh*t jobs). I would suggest entering a CEG (trade) that attracts you nearly as much as flying and then at least you will have a career that you enjoy as a fall back in case you are unsuccessfull at pilot grading.
  5. hey, you forgot to mention the joys of being a bowser mong, mt "A" jobs, signals working, stagging on, mess duties, sitting and waiting and if we were still at the bannana it may even involve a stint in those bloody stables as I found out when i was volunterred by maj ron.

    " Ahhh H*****, you look like you like horses"

    "Me sir?"

    "Good man, well volunteered, will make it up to you" and he did, sent me to gulf war one about 2 months later.
  6. seem to have forgotten the Signallers. I left in '98 and found that with a decent resettlement course under my belt I was snapped up by one of the UK's main Mobile Phone companies. Things have changed a bit since then of course, as I understand it the Signals role has become far more technically demanding what with MPS etc. No need to stag on pushing Lynx onto the pan if you can get into a Command Troop.

    I'm not sure that joining the RMP or one of the faster promotion Corps is such an easy route to pilot selection. The selection process places quite a bit of emphasis on experience and the relative maturity of a candidate, so getting to Corporal in two years might not make a great difference. Broadly speaking, the selection board like applications from Gunners, Infantry, Engineers, (in theory at least) personnel from these Arms have better battlefield awareness. The flipside is that promotion in these units can be even slower than in the AAC.

    There's no particularly easy route to aircrew as an OR other than to join up, keep your nose clean, get as much experience as you can and work hard for promotion.

    Good luck!
  7. If I joined as an AAC soldier some time next year, age 17, what are the chances that I would go on tour ? (and what exactly is the real job description ???)

  8. What do you mean by "Go on tour"??
  9. as in Iraq/Afghanistan or elsewhere that isnt where my regiment is based.
  10. as in Iraq/Afghanistan or elsewhere that isnt where my regiment is based.
  11. LMAO! So... you went from malinger to manuer to maneuver? :D
  12. I new a fat knacker leave in 98 and went getting paid a fortune doing 'line-of-site' work for a fone company wasn't you was it?

    Reference Aircrew, it is better to come from an outside Arm, than within, but if you want to work in Aviation, yes Do the bowser Mong thing then go for sig attachment. I made lance jack in 3 yrs, full screw in 5 straight to Pilot Training. Down at Wat-a-shame it can be damn boring tho!
  13. I didn't do LOS stuff and certainly wasn't getting paid what you might call a fortune. As for being a fat knacker, I was just heavy-boned and had a bit of water retension alright?

    Nope, I think you got the wrong man there jasevx.

    Well done on getting to Pilot Training in 5 years, that's good going.