The Elon Musk and the cave rescue fallout NAAFI thread




Amazing how avatars on here often reflect their users own personalities.

You Dork- in- Chief.




I'm trying to recall the last time I heard anyone call anyone else a dork. I think it was in the school playground. Either way, I think I've touched a raw nerve.
Yes probable when the school bullies were shoving your head down the toilet....

You dork.


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Is this thread about your man Musk getting a honk on because no-one took his idea of using a submarine (or something similar) in the rescue of the young lads in Northern Thailand?

I also mind reading somewhere his mentioning that one of the lead Brit cave-divers, who lives in Thailand and has explored those very caves many times, wasn't present at the scene. It all smacks of petty small-mindedness to me, but then again, I never saw Aunt Betty when I had a butcher's at Buck Palace, even though the flag was flying.

I think your man Musk was highly pissed off that (a) no-one took his zany idea seriously and (b) he wasn't feted in the way he's come to expect. No surprise there, really, since you can hardly expect Thai folks to know about some Septic who thinks he's god's gift to humankind.

Given Elon Musk's view that the water level was so low the divers were superfluous and the sumps didn't exist, I don't think there's much to add to that that can't be said in CA - other than that, apparently like a good few others, I previously had some respect for Musk as an innovator and a human being, but now I wouldn't cross the road to p1ss on him if he was on fire. I doubt he'll lose much sleep about it.

SL and D? Not much more to say. D admitted his error, which is far more than most have the guts to do here, and I respect that.

Probably the end of my brief foray here.


Here's all you need to remember about Elon Musk and the cave




All the rest is bollocks.
Has the thread run as the OP expected? or is it too early to ask?
When I heard of Musk turning up to help out with his submarine, I was reminded of when Gazza turned up to help Raul Moat. I wonder if this is the end.
When I heard of Musk turning up to help out with his submarine, I was reminded of when Gazza turned up to help Raul Moat. I wonder if this is the end.
You wonder if Musk has ever set foot in a cave.


"Elon Musk calls British diver who helped rescue Thai schoolboys 'pedo guy' in Twitter outburst."

I presume that this is what has prompted this thread, then...?
I hope the bloke sue's Musk to death, the narcissistic tosser

Unless he is in Thailand for more that the culture and food?

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