The Elmpt Genie

The elmpt Genie here, as you have opened this thread I can grant you three wishes to improve Elmpt Station.

List your three,  I will then place the top 5 into a poll and we'll see if we can make the top wishes come true.

1.  Phone lines laid in the SLA.  :mad:
2.  Disbandment of  :mad:
3.  Introduction of an All Ranks drinking establishment  8)
1.  Free Sky Digital in all Officers mess rooms.

2.  Free taxi service for Officers

3.  Lane 1 of the bowling alley exclusive use for Officers only.

I look forward to your replies

Happy in Elmpt
Yeah the same as above for all SNCOs apart from Wibblefishbanana.   ;D

All single ORs should be in our rooms to make brews and change the TV Channels  ::)

Even happier in Elmpt
Come on now guys, a bit of humour is fine but I would like to keep this on track to see if we can really use the old power to the people to see worthwhile changes implemented.

It is intresting to see how few people have commented from all the peole that have viewed this post so far, I would love to know how many of them just post around saying Elmpt is $@!*?.

Many Thanks to those that do comment.
Very sorry skhips, but I couldn't take speaking to a Genie that seriously.  But now I fully understand that they are real and I will make three proper wishes tomorrow.

3 wishes eh?
1.Families bar (all ranks)
2.CCTV for the quarters by the front gate.(to stop the lazy singlie w*****s from thieving bikes cos they can't be arsed to walk to the block.
3.More sandy coloured tanks for 7 Sigs - cos they rule!
I think 8 inch is with me on that one!!!
This idea stinks, its no good asking people what they want, you should just tell them what they want and that they will jolly well like it.....Oh that was the good old days! OK then...
1. The removal of those speed ramps.
2. The public flogging (or more up to date punishment) of people who let their animals reduce the quality of life for others (barking dogs, crap on the footy pitches etc). I have no problem with responsible owners.
3. A reduction in the amount of people on duty (does every regt need an ROS & ROO or can we share)?
Very sorry skhips, but I couldn't take speaking to a Genie that seriously.  But now I fully understand that they are real and I will make three proper wishes tomorrow.

Tomorrow........ we're waiting, CO.

I wish for a fast-track from the front gate to the officers mess. A travellator, or something......
The trottoir roulant rapide or TRR (fast rolling pavement) yep the way to go.  Elmpt to JHQ for those who work there.  What a great & wonderful, wonderful  idea
3 Wishes Eh?

1. A complete ban on wibblefishbanana using this site.
2. A complete ban on CO@Elmpt (alias CO@dlo) from using this site.
3. The removal of all armoured vehicles that were not actually captured in combat by the holding unit....... now that could cause some rumpus. ::)
Now three real wishes,  and fairly simple ones.

1.  The opening of the gates between the MQ and the singlies accom during the hours of 0700 and 1800 hrs.  It would make getting to work for all 7 Sigs married pers a little easier and reduce the traffic congestion outside the guardroom speed bump.

2.  More speed bumps, or other methods of curbing the speed of some of the loonies that drive around the camp.  Including the use of devices that will prevent people insisting on trying to drive round.

3.  Stricter policing of the "cover up rule".  As Adams said some time ago "they havn't gone away you know".
Padwife, hope you have settled in at your new posting.
My 3 wishes remain the same as in my previous visit to this thread.


most exellent, i love wishes ido.

ah careful not to waste them.
1. harmony within the DS1 /IS type people, lets promote free love and Karma man.
2. Some where i can drink on camp without having to stare at the same ugly male mugs all the time. Let us  do some inter rank inter gender bonding man,
3. a wig for the wibblefish, yea hed look good with a fake mullet.!!!! love you man!!


1. A gardener and litter picker for the camp.
2. Enough garage space.
3. Refurbishment of the SLA.
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