The Elmpt Bistro

What do you think of the Elmpt Bistro?

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Now this new facility has been going for a while, what do you think?

One thing i would like to see is the bar area at the back turned into some sort of wine bar (all ranks) so you could have a few after your meal, and for it to be open later.

I will pass on any serious suggestions to the NAAFI management. If you think its not up to scratch or preferred the YWCA, please explain why.

Any thoughts?

After years of crappy greasy joe cantines with miserable staff it is without doubt a delight to see. The whole thing is EXCELLENT!! It is as good (if not better) than a high street cafe in the UK and the staff all have a really good attitude. I hope that it is kept to such high standards and they dont go and ruin it by employing rough XXXL squaddie wives with fags in mouth and no sense of customer service.

The previous YWCA was a dump and the staff considered you an inconvenience. The only bit of class it had was they did not re-use the paper napkins, I've seen better cafes under railway arches in South London.

Well done NAAFI and all :D
In the main they are my views also - its probably the best NAAFI facility i've ever been in. I hope the high standards continue.
:D I think the overall impression is excellent prices are good and the whole feel of the place is unique. Not your everyday greasy slops either. I must say I was impressed, but we know Naafi give them a few months prices will rise, standards will drop and some miserable spotty twat will be srving you your order with a cob on. Thus we wait and see..........

I really know where you are coming from! Teenagers (squaddie ones at that) whith pimples, distant stare and the reply of "dunno" to everything.

I really hope they keep the standards up, I notice that there are loads of men in suits at the moment, what worries me is when they go - will it revert to the fat ladies road-side afe?
Its always a danger with anything NAAFI. Lets face it, they employ what they can, and i doubt that most of the people employed by NAAFI are not committed to a job in the service industry!!! I've seen all the suits about at the moment, and i hope the good standard isnt just down to their presence (i assume their something to do with PAYD coming in).
boney_m said:
In the main they are my views also - its probably the best NAAFI facility i've ever been in. I hope the high standards continue.
Ditto :D :D :D
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