The Egyptian Air Force Lose One.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 12DM00, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. Thats a ballon flight of my bucket list. Think I will stick with the Egyptian Navy and have a river cruise when I'm in Luxor next =-\\\\
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  2. Link? Or is it 20 questions?
  3. You would never get me up in one of those things anyway. No wings or engines means that it's going to end badly at some stage and here's the proof.

    Rest in Peace to the victims.
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  4. Tragic. RIP to them all obviously.

    I got talked into going to Egypt a few years back and I made use of the sea etc but I don't think I'd go back. I've enjoyed the sea much more else-where such as in France. There seems to be a childish reluctance by many in Egyptian resorts to enforce safety standards. Which just makes it harder to relax, personally.

    Was at a good hotel ...but even on the day that two boats collided killing a tourist in rough seas I had to enforce some safety on our boat trip we had pre-booked. I had some ladies with me who were v nervous about the waves/accidents. Told the boat crew (small fast boat) to come back in an hour when less choppy and to bring some life-vests, at least enough for the nervous chicks. They agreed eventually (I kept it friendly but it was not an easy negotiation to get the vests!) and only brought enough vests for the girls, bit of a test by me as I reckoned they should have brought enough for us all. One of my worries was them spinning about (propellors etc) with no training to bring the boat around for a rescue if one of us HAD fallen out. Made me very nostalgic for my fun holidays in S of France where I'd spend a lot of a day in the water they are safe and its not a big deal either, more relaxing as you know the standards are better.
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  5. Went to Sharm once, disastrous boat trip, hours to get out, filthy and full of flies.

    Food was disgusting, only highlight was a couple of German lads suddenly started singing, "Alvays look on der bright siiide of life, da doo daah daah dah dah dah."

    They just haven't got a clue, won't be going back.
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  6. Something similar happened before.

    The video below is a baloon hitting a boat. I believe the basket hit the ground and the passengers had to jump for their lives before it careered off again. It was on one of those 'Seconds from Disaster' progs on Discovery

    There were several injuires IIRC

  7. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    This looks like your clip, fat cav, but filmed from inside the basket:

  8. I think that both incidents involved the same balloon.