The effect the "Recession" is having on the numbers applying

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Kimirl, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi I was just wondering if the number of people applying to Sandhurst has been affected by the recession? Curiosity on my behalf as I plan to apply shortly. Thanks
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator


    Are you afraid of competition or..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sure, it's just curiosity, every potential sandbags recruit asks if the number of people applying to Sandhurst has been affected by the recession, it's only natural. Best to get some inside information beforehand.

    My arrse
  4. What I've heard second-hand (my father knows a recruiter) is that there's been a spike in the number of people making an initial enquiry, but that this isn't translating to a great increase in the number of AOSB candidates. Essentially, people who have never considered the army but are stuck for job options cast their eye over it but, for the most part, don't enter the selection process.
  5. Thank you that was just the info I was after. I relish the competition, the more the better...
  6. Its taking longer because of the recession, i applied in january, had my ACA interview in April, have the briefing in august, and have to attend the main board no later than october to be in Sandhurst for january 2010. With a 3 month waiting time between the breifing and the main board being three months or so, it looks like i wont start RMAS till may 2010, meaning the whole application would have taken 17 months!! Its fine if you really want it, as I do, but with a 17 month wait if you're just trying to get shelter from the economic climate, a career as an army officer isn't the best route to take.
  7. Jesus, that does seem excessive. I'm not getting any younger, either...
  8. The Brigadier at AOSB today said that they'd had a massive spike in numbers over the last 2-3months. He didn't give any specific reason though he mentioned the recession.
    Either way......the entry standard is the same so the higher number of applicants really makes no difference.
  9. How did it go?
  10. Don't get to know till tomorrow or if the Royal Mail keeps upto the standard provided when i worked for them pre-uni.....saturday haha.

    But by my own opinion? No idea. I had good moments and i had bad moments, fair to say all of them were seen by at least 1 marking just depends how it works out on average in their eyes.
  11. Firstly Good Luck - I hope you pass > nothing more satisfying than getting that letter! mind you I also fell foul of Royal Mail and decided to phone, I left a message with one lady only to be called back by another an hour later who answered the phone with "well done you past" - shocked I thanked her and hung up.....then wondering if i had imagined it I called her back to double check! - needless to say she found this very amusing.

    I am in my late 20's and come from a Professional Career in London - Despite the fact that i started the application process (let alone the thought process) well before the signs of the recession even started every Officer i have come in contact with along way has said "oh made redundant were you?" when in actual fact my company is trying to bribe me to stay - they are wasting their time as I am counting the seconds down to September 6th - bring it on.
  12. again this is hear-say but apparently current entry into sandbags is below what the MOD would like (i assume the spike in numbers Krek_Brizzle mentioned has yet to filter through the current obscene waiting times) so things are looking good if like me you are fast approaching your main board.

    best of luck to all hopefulls
  13. I would have thought that large numbers of people applying because they just need a job and wouldn't otherwise have considered the Army must result in a lot more chaff than wheat.

    Anyway good luck chaps, hopefully see you on the other side.
  14. I have my briefing fast approaching and was also told by my ACA that he has seen a very large increase in applicants. I have also been told that you cannot actualy fail the long as you can complete the bleep test. Any thoughts? I would have assumed the brieifng was a filter.
  15. My bold - so a lady called you back and managed to answer the phone at the same time? Truly remarkable (unlike your spelling).

    Well done anyway, I'm sure you will enjoy RMAS. :)