The effect of medical downgrading on promotion

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Judgekid, May 8, 2009.

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  1. I would like to ask the question.

    At what point can a soldier be blocked form promotion due to medical down grading?


    Soldiers who are P3 or restricted to Home Service can not now be promoted on JPA as per their PSAO. Someone is able to do their job, a regular attender and in some cases has deployed, but now their medical condition has changed, they are now barred from promotion.

    How is this possible?
  2. Check the search function this has come up alot. The fact is if you aren't fully fit all duties you will not be promoted, simple.
  3. These are not promotion conditions, just what would be expected of someone who is paid to do a job. Promotion is not a time-served right
  4. The rules have probably changed since i was in, but i had no problem with further promotions after rupturing my cruciates playing football for my unit. It took me six months of hard graft and physio just to get back to a basic standard of fitness. Soon after i was completing my Crew Commanders course and running around the Ardoyne on an operational tour, where i picked up my second. The point i'm trying to make is...Provided the individual is prepared to work and make the effort to bring themselves up to physical standard, then it is highly unlikely that it will restrict their promotion. I would assume that officers still make recommendations for promotion based on an individuals performance in the round and not just from a single perspective ie: Physical ability...But maybe the forces have changed that much :?
  5. If a persons injuries do not prevent them from passing fitness test etc then they shouldn't be downgraded with anything other than a marker anyway, with the exception of "S" limitations.
  6. LEP3 (as it was) deployed on every crap exercise and tour like a mug but because my CO is a fatist (yes im fat it comes with being a flid) but it still doesnt stop me going out the door and doing my job, having just returned from telic (3rd tour) its a bit gutting all i want is manning and records to put it in writing instead of the lame crap that keeps coming out.
  7. just taken me a year and a half to get back from p7 to FE after prolapsing a disk so

    get back to doing phys and stop being a lazy twonk
  8. I've got a feeling that it's going to be up to you, to prove yourself to all the necessary people that you are up to scratch. I know this is an old concept...But you get out what you put in. Good luck to you anyway :)
  9. Well done to you keeffy, I used to think like that too, oh and same injury, now that I have 3 spackerd discs and have been told P7 HO NNI, and it won't change I think a little different , at the end of the day it's your spine and you only get one and guess what..................there is life after the army , and fick me if they don't employ people who can't walk!!
    Get a life and stop telling other people what is good for them, great you have managed to overcome a hurdal..............if you overcame it then the disc was not that badly damaged, I have two options , fuse three vertabre or put up with it and manage it.
    You want a back like mine , keep on pushing , it's what i did and in the end it got me no where, no extra and no less, so lecture when you know what you are on about.
  10. You need to transfer to the RLC we promote all sort of fat knackers and even give them the cushy jobs while all the stupid fit people get run ragged.
  11. My bold
    Your medical condition prevents you from A, doing any exercise B, having a sensible diet?
  12. Oy Mr Blankets!

    Fatties can go on exercise. Just because they can't carry their own bergans or weapons, but can carry twice their body weight, is OK in this new "PC" Army world.

    Skinny blarts with bad backs are shoved to the side:

    "Oooh, you look so athletic".

    "Years of drinking tea and sitting on my arrse dear"

    Or should I give another response?
  13. No, thats fairly much the recruiting manual for the loggies

    PS. We have moved on from blankets, we now count quilts.