The economics of Counter terrorism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spurtle, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. BBC news report this morning that following Browns speech yesterday in which he stresses that the Afghan / Pakistan border is the "crucible" of terrorism and the biggest threat to the UK, Lady Kinnock speaks in the house of Lords informing that Foreign Office counter terrorist budgets in Pakistan have been cut back.

  2. Not been a good week for McRuin.

    First he was rightly fingered for cutting the helicopter budget.
    And now this.

    Another palace coup in the offing before the Spring?
  3. Thanks for the subject title - Now I can't get 'Cyclops has only got one ball' set to a popular refrain mimicing a ditty over some b@stard Austrian type that ran Germany prior to BAOR roaring round my head!!! :twisted:
  4. FFS " Spittin Image" was never this stupid
  5. For all I know - what with all those alleged medical issues.............. :bball:
  6. Don't need spitting image this lot do it for real
  7. As yet another example of the law of 'unintended consequences', the weakness of the pound, (now 'quantatively eased') has resulted in serious cash cutbacks to those departments that need foreign currency to operate, and fund CT ops, bribe nasty people, etc.

    Alas, when even the slime of the earth don't want to be bribed in Sterling, and prefer a harder currency. Something like potatoes, for instance.
  8. It is not a "cut" as such (yet....) but a decision not to increase the level of funding to keep the local spending levels flat if the pound devalues against the local currency.

    If the Treasury had kept the blanket Overseas Price Mechanism arrangements in place we would have had to cough up more and more and more in all that Foreign Aid we p1ss away as the pound took a pasting.

    But for cases like this you do need a such mechanism and it must be said a single coherent plan that does not quickly degenerate to a rather pathetic inter departmental turf and funding war.
  9. Spitting image was great, but this lot are just a feckin shower of shite, you couldn't make it up. If the spitting image team had tried to broadcast half the faux pas this lot have done, they'd have been laughed out the studio as no one could believe they could be this incompetant. I'm stunned but not suprised, it's political suicide at it's greatest. Roll on may, it can't come quick enough.
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  11. In a recent interview one of the writers of " Spittin Image " said that if they had written scripts as loony as the actions of the Prime Minister's recent ranntings no one would have found funny as it would have been too unbelievable.

    EG yeserterdays lunacy

    BMW,Honda,and Toyota are British firms

    RBS lending the money for the purchase of Cadburys

    it just go's on and on
  12. Surely it is still a cut in real terms if the local spending levels fail to remain flat.

    As a side issue, inter departmental turf wars over funding is nothing new with this government headed up by our glorious leader. It de-stabilises any opposition aimed directly at him and his underlings and makes those who are facing the cuts look foolish through their squabbling. Been going on for years.
  13. Urgent Question being asked in the House of Commons now on the BBC Parliment Channel, about this
  14. My bold - agreed, however pissing off the FCO and the military in this instance may not be one of McRuin's better moments.