The eating habits of the Egyptian fruit bat

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunoficarus, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Discuss!^_^

  2. Nope, serious topic mate.
  3. Look at Smudge67er demanding something is gotten rid of just because he doesnt agree. Its like living in Nazi Germany.
  4. Naturally, that's why it's in the NAAFI bar.

    To the

  5. I didn't demand anything. Now show me your papers!
  6. I would imagine they eat fruit.probably at night as i beleive the cunts are nocturnal.
  7. "Ihre papiere sind in ordnung........."

    *eyes narrow*

    "Good luck"
  8. For you Tommy ze vor ist over
  9. Arbeit macht fruitbats...
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  10. I did hear that in a recent survey most Egyptian fruit bats were of the opinion that the Holocaust was propaganda instigated by the Yiddish Fox Bats of Northern Israel.
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  11. And this thread if there's any justice.....
  12. I am led to believe they make good soup!

    Fruit Bat Soup
  13. Well, Liberace was once rumoured to be Jewish - see the poorly-disguised Menorah on his piano:


    The Mirror was also sued for decribing him as "fruit flavoured" - just like the eponymous bat in the thread title...

    A smell a bat!

    You feckin' holacaust deniers! Report to the 4ème Arrondissement for immeadiate deportation!