The East and West Riding Regiment - The circus continues....

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Always_a_Rifleman, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. Wondering how many clowns like me are part of the EWRR.

    Oh and any thoughts on Telic 7. I was thinking of going.
  2. Ex Leeds Rifles & 8(Y)LI, if that counts.
  3. Im in it, Mortar Plt in Beverley.


  4. same here, anybody got any idea which inf btns are going?
  5. jrb


    did a tad of service with 2 yorks vols (Castleford) before Joining 1 PWO.

    Great bunch of lads.
  6. i'm Imphal company
  7. Iam with them on Telic at the moment. I was unaware that anyone from East & West was to be mobilised for Telic 7.
  8. I'm also (proud to be) a part of it

    And oh yes, they're already asking for volunteers. Which means of course that they're about ten minutes away from volunteering people. They joys...
  9. I was on Op Grapple 7 (Bosnia - 1995) and while passing through Split on R&R we saw a platoon of PWO (Horse cap badge) patrolling the base and were told it was a TA platoon stagging on for the REMFS. Is this true?
  10. Not a PWR myself but have had an excellent presentation by the Beverley boys on mortar thingys

    Heard about the trawl for telic7 also, believe this may be it
  11. Bet it wasn't as good as the Leeds Sigs Mortar presentation :twisted:

    p.s. glad to hear your still working with the Beverley/Hull guys
  12. jrb


    Aye that could be right. 1PWO were in Bosnia in `93 as part of UNPROFOR.

    3PWO(TA)went as part if IFOR in `95.

    I have a pic somehere of some of the 3PWO lads in Split taken from the White Horse regimental journal.
  13. I remember a few going over but not the entire bn (I think I would have remembered), wasn't it a pln.

    Any chance you can upload the pic?
  14. Anyone here from Minden Coy? I understand that some of your leaders are participating in a US/UK exchange program. I'd like to know what things are like in the Reg't.
  15. i now have the pleasure of being in HQ company EWRR after the green howards were passed over to you guys from the telly tubbies, anyone else go to Cyprus in April and still waitin for pay!!!?????