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the eagle has landed truck markings...

while watching my free dvd from the mail on sunday i noticed the divisional markings on the gerry truck while they were in the channel islands... it was a long inverted "N" type shape with a little bar accross its middle. i know ive seen it before but cant place it (poss ss?)...
can anyone out there help me out? or guide me to some magic site with all the answers?


(not normally a continuity goon but its bugging me!)
Was the N on it's side?

Basically it's the Wolfsangel rune, a number of German units, both SS and Heer used it. For example with the N as it is only slightly elongated and a short bar through the middle was most famously used as the divisional insignia of the 2 SS-Panzer Division "Das Reich" . The Dutch SS also used something similar as did the 256 Infanterie Division and Panzer Regiment 8.
The symbol on it's side was used for example by the 19 Panzer Division.

Have a shufti here.

Click on 'unit emblems' then 'unit emblems on vehicles' and then 'runes'.
thanks alot... it surprized me how often that thing is used looking at that site...

thanks again
Yeh I watched my copy last week.
Anyone confirm the locations used for the filming?

ps Re read the book and it confirmed how a bl**dy good story was turned into cinema cr@p.
archer said:
Yeh I watched my copy last week.
Anyone confirm the locations used for the filming?

ps Re read the book and it confirmed how a bl**dy good story was turned into cinema cr@p.
Agree in the utmost the movie destroyed the book, complete disapointment.

Cheers 2Cb
Film became a cross between the book and a re-worked 'Went the Day Well'. Suffered accordingly, JR Ewing's (sorry Larry Hagman's) major big screen appearance the only consolation (ha ha)..
I bought the DVD some years ago and was gutted when my favourite bit was missing. After Micheal Cain says farewell and his men continue the fight in the Church, the original film has the paratrooper, who plays the church organ earlier in the film, starts to play the Fallschirmjeager march as they fight. This is missing on the DVD version - well at least the one I got ripped off on!
this is a good compare/ review on the botch job of the final movie... little long though!http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0412/is_2_31/ai_107041433
(dont know how to do the "link" thing!!)

about the location:
"Shot between May and August 1976 on location in Finland (for the Warsaw scene), at Charlestown in Cornwall (representing Alderney), and RAF St. Mawgans (for the airfield scenes), and above all in and about the picturesque Berkshire village of Mapledurham (the stand-in for Studley Constable), The Eagle Has Landed was a major production. A scale replica of the Church of St. Margaret, for example, was built near Mapledurham for scenes of windows being blown out and masonry shattered in the battle sequences. Based as it was on an immensely successful novel, those involved with the film hoped that the $6 million picture would be equally appealing to audiences "
Something I had wondered since seeing the filmso many thanks for the info,

Balkan express,
Yes and that's just one of many parts of the book that are missing.

I realise that it would have been hard to include all of the book but what went onto the screen was ....................

If I remember right it was a Lew Grade backed film that ruined Clive Cusslers "Raise The Titanic!".

"Went the day well?"
A very good story and credible film.-imho.

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