The "Dvorak" keyboard for computers

When computers became affordable back in the day, there was still a lot of gooz going on about the necessary network to encompass all the new developments. No-one seems to have given a thought to the idea that we could have cast off the development of centuries and developed a method of communication in-line with the 21st Century.

The inernet depends on folks typing their wishes, but at the same time they use a (typing) system that's very much old-fashioned and badly needs an update.

I refer to the "QWERTY" system and all that stems from it (see here: QWERTY - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In my estimation, it would have been much better to have adopted the Dvorak System for the obvious advanteges it offers:

So would it be better to offer succeding generations a choice of keyboard systems? Or just to give them only one choice?

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Let me try that keyboard setting:

mncru j nsdkodfjiner n jvfortjn

Nope, it sucks. Like this thread.


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I'm surprised that we're still using keyboards at all. There must be a simpler way (that actually works, reliably) of getting information onto the screen.
I'd like a keyboard more suited for my using my head-dobber tool. It's a right bastard trying to do capitals using the shift key. My tongue won't reach.

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Sorry, but what's the "Int Cell Bugsy"?

The thread happens to be about the different keyboard configuratrions adopted by the western powers and why. Do you have anything to add to that?

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you forgot about something:
1. not all of internet is in english- and dvorak sucks if you are writing in other language
2. costs of training- they do not cover the potential benefits.

not to mention- that introduction of another system will just bring more confusion /like: average performance of people who use both keyboards- one at work, different one at home etc/.
How about a keyboard designed specifically for mongs, one that will aid their efficiency in producing output:

it's waterproof and only has the letters M L A a and R.

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Sorry, but what's the "Int Cell Bugsy"?
Int Cell Bugsy is the ARRSE Tamagotchi. Bad CO got it and he named it. Nobody has ever dared ask why. It is given to a member to stroke and feed for a month then he must pass it on to the next member. It helps team building.

What the **** is a gooz?
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