The Dutch rip off Amarillo!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stoatman, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. The sub-sea level world of Holland has decided to do its own version of that British Army Classic "The Way to Amarillo".

    How could they?

    Apparently it's not even that good!

    Admittedly I haven't seen it yet cos I can't stream video at work, but the mere concept that Amarillo could be copied has incensed me. I'm sure that when I get home and view it my incandescent rage will spill over and put fear into the hearts of the neighbours.

    So, here it is - ga effah kèkah*:

    *that's Haags, by the way.
  2. It's quite odd stoats and it's at half time play speed it seems...
  3. Mmmmmm no way as good as the Brit version
  4. It’s boring, a skinny Dutch chap instead of a fat Brit.
    They’ve tried to copy our Amarillo exactly.
  5. Perhaps an arrse Amarillo in Amsterdam as part of Op Hardon .... ?
  6. Give 'em an "A" for effort, but otherwise it's not a patch on the original, which was genuinely inspired!
    But the word is that the Cabinet are also going to make a version. They're just argueing about who should sing lead - Phoney Tony or Gordy "pull-in-your-bottom-lip-every-time-you-take-a-breath" Brown. Just to make sure nobody's tempted to watch it a second time, they're going to flash a picture of Anne Widdecombe on the screen at the end.

  7. Can't be Dutch .. all the Dutch soldiers I knew when I was serving had long hair, earrings and kept losing their weopans on excersise.
  8. come on sgt. jan van trousers,it's been done.i guess the closest thing they have is the theme tune to 'van der valk', dutch...they're rubbish.
  9. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    the Dutch secretly want to be British ! :)
  10. I wonder if there will ever be a 'Walt' version? Give it time... give it time.
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ?

    Maybe so, but a second-rate p1ss-poor rip off is just bo11ocks !

    Can't wait until I see these cloggies next weekend - they will hear about this...
  12. Was it filmed on a mobile phone?
  13. Pretty funny, although they don't really get it, do they? Probably never saw the original original. I think our guys had better bodies too!
  14. I'm not sure it was "genuinely inspired", as I've seen a similar type of performance (looks like Danes from the badges) titled "Kosovo", and taking off an 80's/90's boy band record (it's familiar, but I can't remember the original song).

    I've tried to attach the clip, but failed a couple of times. I think I may even have got it via ARRSE in the first place. Not wanting to deride the Armadillo clip, as it is excellent stuff, and I honestly don't know what came first.