The Duke Of Lancasters Regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Deanorecruit, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me there opinions on LANCS? Are they respected? Do they do a good job?

    I start basic in Feb with a view to be joining them and I'd just like to hear any views on the Regiment from anyone in the know

    Incoming shield up :tp:
  2. wow no-one?
    you will find that serving soldiers work hard for a living..
    the week end is upon us and most will be having a deserved lie in..

    AS FOR ME..
    this regt did not exist when i was in so i cannot say..
  4. yeah suppose your right. This inter web posty thingy is pretty new to me.
  5. i work with a man whos son is in the 2 lancs! he was in iraq couple of months back ,and they were doing the shit mate of what his dad says , also dont know if youve seen on tv , itv in the week , bout 11pm at night had soldiers stories on , and on it was the boys from that regiment talking , and they are spot on , as im sure what ever yoU JOIN will be mate , I DID get told if you have a choice of cyprus or catterick , choose catterick mate , my girlfriend son was stationed there and its not all sun and beach!! ha , anyway i sure someone on here can tell you alot more m8.!!
  7. I will see if I can watch this programme when its on - sounds interesting. Thanks for the reply pal.
  8. I'm due to start training next week with them. They won't be any different from any other Infantry regiment at the end of the day. The major difference between regiments is the recruiting areas and the role they play ie. mech, light role etc.

    Whilst some lads who are in the process of going to Phase 1 will bang on about the Rifles being 'the best' (i've lost track of the amount of times i've heard this and am still no the wiser as to why..?) you are more than likely to experience the same thing in 1 or 2LANCS as opposed to if you went in the Rifles. Correct me if im wrong anyone.

    The Duke of Lancasters has a great reputation, but then again, so do most regiments.
  9. good regiment, top lads
    go cyprus if you want to go on ops a lot and to stag on, cyprus is not a easy posting but can be good if you make it.
    catterick was good when i was there
  10. Good bunch of guys - I worked with them for a while. Work hard and play hard.
  11. Good stuff. I wonder why the Rifles has such a good reputation though? Is it because they are much larger?
    As for the posting, I was under the impression you dont really get to choose your Battalion after training.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    more Bns equals more men equals bigger regy funds equals bigger advertising budget.
    I was 1LI and worked with the Kingo's, good bunch of lads on Op Cara Cara in 87 I think!
  13. The King's are coming up the hill, boys
    The King's are coming up the hill, boys
    They all laugh at us, they all scoff at us
    They all say our days are numbered.
    Oh, to be a Kingo, victorious are we,
    If you want to win the cup
    Then you'd better hurry up,
    'Cos the King's are coming up the hill.
    Victorious and glorious,
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  14. 87!! Jesus that's going back a bit!