The Duke Of Lancaster Regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Airwave, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. i'll be joining this regiment soon, 2nd battalion in a few weeks, and was just wondering what does everyone think of them, ive heard not to many good things about them...
  2. 2nd Btn are the old 1st Bn Kings Regt. I'm an ex tankie and the kingo's were held in high esteem but then again they are a Liverpool regt and so were 1 RTR so maybe I'm just biased.
  3. They don't seem to be having too good of a time in Iraq on Telic 9, but i have never worked with them personally so can't really judge them
  4. Eh?
  5. Scousers stick together, we are renowned for it.
  6. My Corporal at Catterick was Kings and he was switched on as hell.
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  7. Normal three rules of armed combat are:

    1. Never lose sight of your kit;
    2. Never trust the RAF;
    3. Never march on Moscow.

    When serving with the Kingoes, these are modified to:
    1. Never lose sight of your kit;
    2. Make sure you never get too far from your kit;
    3. Place a guard on any kit that might be yours.

    Other than that they're great lads.
  8. I have worked with the kingos ...good bunch. Have a habit of loosing LSWs from there guardroom to have a great footie team.
  9. Not a bad boxing team not so long ago either.
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  10. My lad has been serving with 2 LANCS out in Basra since November.
    Unfortunately he was RPG'd twice on 22nd March and is now in Selly Oak and blind.
    The reason they seem to be getting a hiding out there is due to the fact that they are majorly kicking insurgent arses day in day out.
    They look a pretty good Battalion, formed mainly from 1 KINGS and currently have the highest arrest and kill rate in the British Army in Iraq.
    Their Recce platoon seriously kicks arse!
  11. Worked with the old Kingos many times on ex and on tour, and seriously were a great bunch of lads, as long as your kit was locked up :)

    Steve-L Sorry to hear about your Lad,best wishes to him.
  12. Steve_L - Echoing the above, sorry to hear about your young 'un. Hopefully you'll have him home soon enough.
  13. Thanks fella.
    He'll be ok in the long run but won't be in action with the boys again.
    Thanks again for your best wishes 8)

  14. Good mob but watch out for your hubcaps
  15. Did my first ever foot patrol with 1 King’s out of McCorry park in West Belfast as a young lad, They were top lads then as they are now.