The Duke of Edinburgh in hospital

ITV News and BBC Radio 5Live are reporting that the Duke of Edinburgh has been taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary as a "precautionary measure", according to Buckingham Palace.
I sincrely hope that when Phil the greek pegs it he comes out with the ultimate on-liner as his last words that are immortalised immediately! Will be a truly sad day when he departs us! Best of wishes!
Oh shit they kept them both out too late at that bloody opening ceremony for the olyimpics 01.30 too late for an 86 yr old and a 91yr old, people need to start taking accoung of their ages because they won't,if required to do something they will because they are troopers not whingey *******.


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I fear that it is rapidly becoming apparent that there is more than meets the eye to these repeated "precautionary measures," the man is 91 years old after all.
HRH The Queen Mum was 102 and still betting on the horses when she left. Let us not write off a proper geezer before he is cold because he is still a big lad and he might be reading this?

Here is the Queen Mum in one of her last public appearances...

Queen Mother.jpg

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