The Duke of Edinburgh does it again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pimpernel, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. During the Pope's tour of Edinburgh’s Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Duke noticed that many MSPs were wearing ties bearing a new tartan commissioned to mark the Pontiff’s visit.

    Observing that Annabel Goldie, the Scottish Tory leader, was not wearing the tie, the Duke asked her: “Have you got a pair of knickers made out of this?”
  2. Good old Phillip he's always on hand to cheer everyone up!
  3. Somehow I hope that`s true and you didn`t make it up.
  4. HRH does sterling work for the UK.
    But the big question is does she wear tartan knickers!
    Could be a great headline for tomorrows Sun!
  5. Crackerjack...
  6. Did anyone get her answer? Just as a matter of interest ye ken.:)
  7. I have no idea what HRH said or did, but I think he is a bloody super splendid bloke!
  8. Yes, it's in the story. Commendably quick thinking by Ms Goldie.
  9. HRH is completely down to earth and no doubt tomorrow we will have all everybody jumping on the bandwagon of how he is a moron, an idiot or a male chauvinistic pig.

    Keep up the sterling work your highness
  10. We won't be seeing you in the next honours list, BAP. The correct form of address is 'Your Royal Highness' with a bit of a bow and a scrape.
  11. Good 'ol Phil trust an ex-Matlot
  12. Your Highness, Your royal Highness.... Potato, Patato, who gives a ****, he's still a top bloke, who comes from that generation who stick two fingers up at the PC world
  13. Me too - Currys is usually better value.
  14. He's not bad for a Greek. I heard one of his one liners first hand once.

    I got my fridge freezer from there last week and it's still working.

    If only Carlsberg did fridge freezers - not just the contents.