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The Duke of Edinburgh, awesome as ever.

I'm afraid the man really is a buffoon - which I suppose is reason enough to cherish him - there are plenty of buffoons in high places pretending to be important but he just doesn't care.
The Duke of Edinburgh can say whatever he likes as far as I'm concerned.
He not only has the right to do so its quite a pleasant change from all those public figures like Brown and Obama who can talk for hours without actually saying anything at all.
It's utter carp reporting.

HRH is merely implying that with the jet lag etc, and the never ending round robin of meetings, the various people are bluring in to one.

We might remember meeting any one of those personalities, maybe even all of them. But at the level your looking at there (ie DofE and the POTUS) such meetings are hardly as earth shaking as they would appear.

Fcuk knows what is going on in the reporters head..... must be a slow news day.
You can imagine the conversation beforehand 'Blo0dy h*ll Liz, theres this damn blackie just pulled up in a big fcuk off limo, he must've nicked it, shall I call the plod?'
See, this is what happens when the Crusty Jugglers fail to deliver the Mother of All Riots; journo's are desperate for any old cr@p to pass off as "news". :roll:

If the Crusties had raped, burned and pillaged there way through the City today, the Duke's remarks would never have been reported. :evil:

You just can't get good rioters these days. Swampies? I sh1t 'em! :twisted:
Piss poor reporting, but how great must it be that everyone just expects you to come out with something outrageous as a matter of course? The story here is that he didn't say anything that would upset the PC thought police...

Much more scandalous is that the colonies' leader's wife thought it appropriate to actually touch HM.... do they not have a diplomatic corps in the US? Do they not get educated on the things? We going to have to burn the White House down again to re-stamp our mark?
HRH The Duke of Edinburgh - Top Bloke, has been the spine of the Royal Family. We will never fully appreciate what the man has done to support HM the Queen, and bring up the next generations of royals. He has my utmost respect, and I have never viewed him as gaffe prone, just mis reported. I can see where Charles gets his interest in the environment as Philip is a great patron to wildlife charities, and always has been.
Ancient_Mariner said:
Phil the Greek should have asked where the tax disc was on the Presidential Limmo.
Right now he is more interested in locating that last bit of taramasalata and pitta bread at the back of the fridge before he goes to bed.
Ancient_Mariner said:
L2A1 said:
he has got moer balls than the entire house of commons combined!!
That's an unfortunate consequence of inbreeding among the noble families of Europe.
Superb, as ever, A_M!

You will, of course, be the first against the wall, come the Revolution...


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