The Duke/Earl/Mincer (whatever he is) of Wessex

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tattybadger, Jul 2, 2011.

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  1. What's the rank he's wearing. And what is the medal on the right as you look at it - looks like a bottle of perfume hanging out of his left breast pocket. And why the blue sash?

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  2. The rank is Commodore-in-Chief of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and the sash is that of the Garter
  3. Is that the same as the CEO of P&O?
  4. His other uniform is Air Marshall of the Women's Royal Auxillary Balloon Corps (V).
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  5. Look no dagger. But look closely enough and you can see a beard.
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  6. No he didn't like the colour of their skirt, he opted instead for Colonel of the London Regiment

  7. The blue sash is slimmer of the month.
  8. He clatters around like Liberace on steroids. Can someone give him something less mincy to wear in front of the worlds' press - unless we can brand him as scottish, in which case clattering around in faintly gay clobber is OK.
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  9. Im all confused, none of those blokes looks like Edward.
  10. Hang on a minute. Since when did naval (and therefore RFA) officers start wearing American style "ice cream suit" tropical rig? Royal Navy No 1 tropical rig is supposed to be a short sleeved bush jacket that makes even the most dapper matelot look like a sack of spuds that was chucked out by the props department on a Crocodile Dundee sequel some time in 1982.

    Is the Prince perchance off to a Top Gun theme party after this engagement?

    Had I had access to such kit during my career, my pulling power would have known no bounds. Even with women.
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  11. To be honest I'm surprised that Phil the Greek has allowed Teddy into anything other than a parking attendants uniform after the way he behaved during his [failed] Bootie training.
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  12. I just pity his poor wife, the first picture looks as if she is dragging a window licker out for a walk..........
  13. Certainly since Mountbatten and probably long before then. I wore mine on formal occasions for over 30 years and believe they are still worn when the situation requires. [​IMG]
  14. Thats probablly one of her pubes he's spitting after his(muff) diving course.
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  15. I am tempted to ask why a thread about this particular individual is in the INTELLIGENCE cell?