The duck walk test at adsc please help??

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hi just wondering am i doing the correct the way they want u to do it? when im in a squat position my heels are in the air.not flat on the ground is this ok or do i have to keep my heels flat? when i try to keep my heels flat i loose balance,is this ok? and is there a pass/fail in this

What in the name of f*ck are you on about?
Tartan_Terrier said:
What in the name of f*ck are you on about?
He is talking about the medical at ADSC, the doctor will make you strip off to your skivvies and then make you walk accross the room in humiliating positions. I think its to test to see if you have any joint problems.


Obviously someone has told you this, I didn't find out about these until the doctor took me into his room.... :wink:

Can I ask why you are trying to perfect the technique? Your not being graded on it. I think whoever told you this, is having you on. Get back to the important things: running, lifting weights, running, sleeping a bit..... running.
hi check, yeh reason being asked is that the doctors at adsc are ***kers and some one told me that u have to keep balance etc.. and heels fixed to the ground when starting.reason is that im not doing the above is this true that they will fail me on some ***lshit reason? i mean i can do squats etc but just cant keep my balance at the us if u need to
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