The Duchess of Cambridge

Did anyone see the Duchess of Cambridge put a sprig of Shamrock on the Irish Woodentops’ mascot?
As she bent forward to put it in the hound’s collar it had a darn good sniff of her crotch. Not on BBC news, but Sky.
Miserable because I don't get into a cum frenzy over a dog with its snout in a minge?

Thank God for that, thought there might be something wrong with me. You on the other hand need to see a vet for some ketamine.

Mark The Convict

I'd have expected the seditious Fenian bastard to hump her leg at the very least. Or lag in her shoe. It's probably a Catholic as well. And a Nazi.
You know I think she's going to be alright, she seems to be settling down. On the other hand what I'd really like to do is get her in my kitchen and sit her down and feed her! Something, anything the girl is too thin.
she's just another scrawny bird (with a bloody awful haircut) that no-one would look twice at if she hadn't attached herself to someone famous

She should ask Brenda for a swan sandwich

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