The drunk and the ballerina.

A large fat ugly woman in a sleeveless summer dress walks into a bar, raises her arm, exposing a mass of black curly hair and says. "Which of you gentlemen is going to buy a lady a large whisky ?" Everyone in the bar finds something else to look at, so she lifts her arm again and repeats her question. A little drunk guy sitting at the bar says. "Same again please and serve the ballerina, pointing to the arm raiser. She toasts the drunk, downs it in one and goes through the same routine, arm up, "which of you etc.," The little drunk does the honours again. "Same again and one for the ballerina." This carries on most of the afternoon and eventually the barman says to the drunk. Look mate, I think that you're throwing you money away, buying her drinks all afternoon. Still, it's your choice, just tell me one thing though..why do you keep calling her the ballerina ?" The little drunk stares at him owlishly and then says. "You tell me if any other woman than a ballerina could lift her leg up over her head."

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