The drums of war rumble in the distant.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Devil_Dog, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Though I've always been wary of publications that claim to own the "truth" this one caught my eye because it seems so familiar to the preparations for war in the two years before 2003.

    Only a fool can't see a war against Iran coming very possibly within a year.
  2. 'possibly'? You mean your not on the circulation list for the memos?

    I predict that Cheny, Rummy and Bush will launch the US into a war with Iran as their parting gift to the World, it will allow them to set the agenda for the next US Administration. It will happen in the next 15 months to allow the voters to get used to it before the next elections.

  3. Nah.My CIA buddy is on vacation ( in an undisclosed location deep in the Iranian parliament) so news has been rather slow trickling down these last few days. :x
  4. I would not put serious action by the US against Iran down as The Forces that control the Puppet King George are mental enough for anything.
    However the opening lines about Nato/Syria are IMHO just pure dog poo.
    Now't personal DD.
    My CIA source, says that the opium growing in Ganistan is US policy.
  5. Ganistan? Are you talking about Afganjastan? I wouldnt be surprised if the money to finance the war is coming from opium.Satellite photos of American forces "watering and applying fertilizer" to opium fields are as yet unconfirmed. :D
  6. Only this week I got into a conversation with one Yank, not a person who I know well but a resident and he gets around in the US community.
    His DEA source says that US policy at high level was to allow the planting of Opium post the invasion as a means of helping stabalize the internal situation in the troubled times.
    Long time ago I wintessed a 'Debate' between two Yanks on the subject of the DEA. Old guy,new in town, was defending them, Young pup, long time in town, was saying words to effect of
    'The DEA is a multi billion $ organisasion, all civil servants with morgages and kids to put through collage, the director has a seat at the top table and you think they are going to though all that away by solving the Drug Problem.'
    DD. What ya going to do when China turns the delta into dry land ?
  7. There is going to be a lot of dead commies sleeping with the fishes.
  8. The Chinese as you probably know are building several Hydro electric dams on their part of the river.
    A week or so ago we had a photo of the Thai Lao friendship bridge at Nong Khai showwing a few puddles under the bridge over what was once the might Mekong.
  9. That article is probably the worst I have read in a long time.

    Mel Gibson and Conspiracy Theory comes to mind - what a load of sh1te.
  10. Theoretically, as long as it's not used for crop irrigation, the river flow should be the same as it was before the dam was built. The lower reach dry times would be when the turbines were off load and the upper lake was being filled.

    Having an on/off tap on your neighbours' water supply is certainly a guaranteed way to p**s them off, though.