The Driver Trade

Discussion in 'RLC' started by armies, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. I know ther are many topics on this forum, apologies if this one has been done many times before.

    Just I wanted to ask what your thoughts are on the driver trade. Its an other option im looking at, aswell as postal Op.

    One thing Ive heard, is promotion is slow in the trade and non existant..hence cpl in late 20s or 30s.

    But then again, Ive seen a few young jncos in the trade awell. And the job itself..I know the job descritption but is it a good trade with good prospects?

    Good chance to travel/ Ops?

    Be nice to get feed back from the RLC guros who actually do the biz,not just the SNCO from the AFCO.
  2. The fact that you can operate a keyboard suggests that you are over-qualified.
  3. Im trying to be serious mate..I havnt got much time to decide, im already 80% way through the admin if re-joining.
  4. Although most people in my trade think im a Driver at heart anyway (!) im not one. But like all trades there are benefits and disadvantages. You have to bear in mind if its a truck licence you want then "most" of the other RLC trades will give you this. But then, depending which Unit you go to as a Driver, you will do more of it. You have a chance to get your HAZMAT out of it, which is good for civvy street but only lasts 5yrs.
    You can specialise in Tank Transporter, but thats a seperate trade anyway.
    Plenty of scope to travel, basically where there are a few trucks there will be a RLC Driver somewhere. But then there can be the downsides, driving DROPS vehs on long details can be monotonuous and when there arnt details then the things always need looking after with patch painting, sweeping out cabs and non-stop 1st parading for stable parades! :evil:

    But if you want a trade that gives you your HGV, HAZMAT and you get to drive them as well as do another trade then its PetOp all the way!!! :D
  5. How frequent are the tours? also interested in joining as a driver. are there
    many vacances in that trade? cheers
  6. Theres pretty much vanencies throughout the army and RLC. My main choices are driver /postal rejoining though so might be a little different for me.
  7. It is now the most pointless trade in the Army.

    Many years ago (and i'm talking 40-50) the trade was justified as driving was specialized.

    Only Tk Tpt justifies itself as an independant trade. Some Drivers are EOD/No2 and this should be an independant trade (and on the higher band). I can think of no others.

    The trade as a whole needs a massive rethink and restructuring. Just being a driver in todays Army is insufficient.

    The Driver Trade should be vastly reduced to only specialized roles. Most Drivers should be re-traded into other RLC functions (such as supplier). This would allow greater flexibility in Logistic function.

    They really should not got rid of VS, but instead should have binned driver.
  8. ok cheers for your answer

    if a driver isnt a tank transporter what does he/she normally drive day to day? i like the sound of the TT gig but just wondered incase they havent got vacances in that particular role.

    whats a EOD/No2 ?

  9. Dingerr, let me buy you a pint before you get flamed.....

    You should be the next DRLC because you can actually make sense at times.
  10. Totally agree with all of the above, except the fact that you are at heart a TROG

  11. Yep, the R Sigs done that in the early 90s. The driver trade was merged with 2 others namely linesman & signalman. Which as a driver, I was peeved I could end up as an RP , cabledog or a mess orderly on my next posting.But as it happened I ended up on more courses & had more postings available to me than I ever would as just a driver.

    Ok I,ve been out a few years now & things may have changed but,,,, Surely the trade of Driver in the RLC must be one of thier bread & butter trades akin to Combat Engineer in the RE. A bit of a sacred cow so to speak. Afterall the humble truck driver is the grass roots end of logistics.

  12. Most trades in the RLC get there licences after phase One. Had a conversation with WO1 the other day about a rumour he had heard about the Driver trade being merged with Suppliers, took it with a pinch of salt but he is the man in the know so watch out watch out!
  13. Most drivers in RLC drive DROPS vehicle - big wheels, slow, ability to pick up flatrack loaded with stores, limited cross country capability.

    Some drive version of above with slightly improved cross country capability depending on role of unit they are in.

    Tnk Tptr - now largely civilianised. Big big truck which goes on wide roads very, veeerrryyyy slowly. Like driving a DROPS but much more boring -but guarenteed to get your picture in the Corps magazine!

    EOD is bomb disposal. You would only get to do this after many years of other driving. If selected (probably by random generator at Glasgow) you will drive EOD vehicle being used in country you are serving. Probably DAF that looks like a bread wagon but with police lights and markings. As well as driving you are 2ic (No2) in team and operate all other equipments for No1 Operator - robots, x-ray eqpt, weapons etc. Occassionally get to drive command cars which are fun and fast. Most No2s never want to go back to big trucks despite constantly whinging about the long hours in EOD.

    Only a personal view before the flaming starts

    Dingerr for Director - nice idea, but would he accept drop in rank
  14. If you fancy spending time on tour frequently, then Tank Transporter is for you. Someone high up the food chain visited recently and posed the question whether the Tk Tptr trade should not just be a spec qual within the Dvr trade.

    Although civilianised a lot in UK, not so in Germany. Just wish we had the qualified manpower to crew the trucks.
  15. Trouble is, when SV arrives there will be even less trucks to play with. WFM mangement is the way ahead....well it is if you want to save money but planning a ex/detail with anything more than 4 vehicles will be difficult.
    Maybe im being cynical but thats my view.
    Trouble is, unless the Army is busy, all the RLC trades suffer. Im not talking Operations, but more "back in barracks". I see it at my Unit where i gauge the exercises, amount or scale, with the amount of UBRE/CST's arrive to take fuel....well in past 2 months probably can count them on 2 hands and not even take off my boots! Go back a few years and fuel was coming out left right and chelsea. So its the same for DROPS taking stores on these exercises, tankers moving the fuel, all driven by RLC Drivers. Im not talking about the small in-Unit details, but the large scale Bde Ex's that require RLC Unit support.
    But while we continue to support Ops on 2 theatres, then i suppose it will stay.