The drivel that women think up................

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tuffy52, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. In my day SMOG was a nasty atmospheric condition that killed thousands each year,,,Now however Women have hijacked the term for their own selfish use,,,,SMOG is now..............

    Sue Hedges: Are you a SMOG?
  2. Read this. The term is pants but the syndrome is exactly as described. Many of these women can be recognised by their up their own arrse status of 11/10 and by their brazen wearing of white jeans, even when they are on! Their shit is apparently odourless and their husbands are rarely seen except when something distasteful needs to be done or paid for.
  3. Who does that women think she is? Bloody thing wants to get life insted of dribbling over a keyboard. Such people degrade me and other females of the specie.
  4. the sad warblings of a bored houswife. another one for the van...
  5. Link not working.....
  6. I'm more worried about a society that produces creatures, of either gender, who are so self-centred that they can only give their love to their child if it's of the right gender and, presumably well-formed and healthy.
    Children aren't designer accessories and they deserve all the love and nurture we can give them regardless of perfection or lack of it.

    Sorry, just realised this is the NAAFI any sensibleness was purely accidental.
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    And degrading women is a bad thing how, precisely?

    Its the Septic and frankly gay Huffington Post. Consider yourself fortunate. The article is about a new gimp mask and restraints set that folds up and goes in your wallet. It is called a SMOG.
  8. You mean Stoppers Mouth Of Gimp?
  9. The aparent lack of activity in Parliament during the Summer ensures such drivel is written & read. Oh & what a load of old tosh too, just like Mrs Beckham's 'un posed' phots with new daughter.
  10. oh joy, another bored housewife with internet access. *eyeroll*

    "Being a mum of an only child is really hard work you know. I drove him to school this morning and his dirty jeans are in the wash, I'll have to hang them up after my shopping spree. Thanks for leaving the credit card hubby!"
  11. Why do we have to have women on here spouting such gender agenda bollocks. WTF will have seen those pictures unless one or both of them are naked.
  12. We had hoped for one of each, boy, girl, hairdresser. But it was not to be.
  13. I don't seem to recall spouting any gender agenda bollocks???

    Or can my poor weak feeble female brain not keep up with such rapier like reposts from those who have that all important Y chomosone?
  14. Lucky - load of shite mate!
  15. I got a few lines into it then had to go find a woman to kick the shit out of just to vent my rage at such shite.