The Drill Manual AC 70166 and Ceremonial For The Army AC 70468

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SamCro, Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I've been given a fastball that requires a bit of revision from the above 2 manuals.

    If you happen to have one or the other in PDF, would you please be so good as to send me a PM with your email so I can contact you with mine.



    (Let the slagging commence!)
  2. Bump!
  3. They're both on ArmyNet mate, under the reference portal.
  4. Have a look on the battlebox they might be there, not sure never had to look for them :)
  5. Thanks guys, that's my last, last resort on Monday when I'm by a PC, as this is being done on an iPhone, which is all I have to hand until then. Hence the plea for their PDFs in an email!

    I'm sure this is more of a test of my ability to get the info than to do the task! I don't even have a 3G signal!
  6. Try asking a Drill Pig your question you may get the answer on here :)
  7. Ta, it's to revise sword drill and parade format with a band.

    Any one got them in PDF?
  8. I also need these manuals and can't seem to find either the ceremonial for the army or the pam 5 drummers handbook on Army Net. Does anyone have the link or a copy on PDF that they could share?
  9. Message sent.
  10. Aren't you leaving it a bit late? The Trooping of the Colour is this Saturday
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  11. Both were on armynet but now seem to have disappeared for some unknown reason. I too would like a PDF version of the drill manual if any kind arrser would oblige me.
  12. The drill manual is on Army Net, I've just waxed my works printer running it off.
  13. Is there a link for it.

    Thanks in advance.
  14. Found it lol.
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