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Discussion in 'ACF' started by sgtginge, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to this system so please bear with me if this has already been posted.

    I was wondering if any of you know how to "break" peak caps in, to make them more DI-like?

    I was also wondering when khaki peak caps are allowed to be worn?

    I would much appricate comments.
  2. They are called 'Slashed Peaks', cos they are slashed with a razor and then re-stiched with the new flat fronted face.

    Khaki peaked caps???

    I think you mean officers SD hats, and Officers wear them when in SD's but not on parade, eg when duty orrificor - if their Regt dress code allows.
  3. ok, so the flat peak is a new piece then? and if so, where do you get these peaks from?

    and by khaki caps I mean like those issued to the household cavalry, because I've seen them with cap badges other than the blues and royals or the life guards.
  4. If you own you own dress cap you can slash it yourself.
    Cut peak stitching from chin strap button to one third in across the peak (use razor blade or scapel be careful not to damap the peak) from both sides (do not cut it all the way!)
    PGently push the peak up inside the cloth rim (start from button location and push upwards)
    As a guide I always pushed them up until the edge of the peak that was at the button was up as far as the entire width of the hat band - normally made for a almost vertical peak). Some I know actually scored the peak and then cut the surplus off so you don't see it through the cloth - brave men indeed!
    Then restitch the area along the peaks original line to close the gap using a dark thread (this will be covered by your chinstrap anyway)

    Hint make sure your RSM is OK with slashed peaks else you will be putting it back and lastly only do it if its your own cap in case you cock it up (if you are successful you just have to unslash and reverse the process before giving it back - unless you have cut bits off naturally)

    You can go to a tailors but they will charge a small fortune

    Oh and if anyone asks - I never told you OK!


    P.S The other option is to check surplus stores for the right Regt head dress they will be done already - try ebay
  5. Don't forget that "Slashed peaks" are bast@rdised kit, therefor you'll end up pi.ssing some QM/Stores whalla off. Also if its done wrong, or you look like a bag of tied up with string you'll end up looking a right knobber.
  6. Don't know what Regt/Corps's badge you wear, but slashing of peaks is ILLEGAL and any self-respecting RSM would stick his peacestick up your ARRSE and march you round the square in front of your unit wearing it while you scream "Dont do this, its ILLIGAL and makes me look a CNUT!"

    If you wanna wear a slashed peak on the rare times you pull it out your locker, go transfer to the guards!

    As for the kakhi peaked cap I know that household cav, RHA and certain RE cpl types at ATRs wear them, it's a bullsh1t throwback to pre-WWII
  7. Are you an AI? If so, I suggest you read this as to who is entiled to wear what headdress at any time

    Annex J is what you need to look at.

    If you are a cadet, forget it....

    And if you are taking drill, all the hats will you will ever need is a No 1 Dress hat, (if you are sponsored by the RLC, only SMI's and above wear No1 dress hats, you wear a beret)

    I do also hope if you are carrying a pace stick as an aid to drill its open and turning, if not, DONT even think about wiggling it about on ANY square

    Dont wear anything not issued, why do you want to? its unrealistic, your not entitled, and if you think it looks cool, go and join the houshold division for real, and get one issued when you muck out horse s**t from the stables

    Ask any old sweat RMP in here how much they loved those old hats and having to strarch creases into the red cap cover with a pair of tweezers

    Guards Regiment No1 dress hats are issued that way, but only the guards.(household division).

    Bet your glad you asked... right?
  8. worth asking otherwise you may waste your money.

    i myself very rarely buy anything unless needed and allowed to use it.

    pace sticks is no use to me, if im an RSM ever ,i wouldnt not want to pay out £100 etc for something that i will only use for 1 year or so not good VFM also same for mess dress, they cost a packet and you may get to use them 2 or 3 times before being moved to another cap badge.
  9. Are cadets allowed to wear the drill monsters' hat? Would look very silly for a kid to be wearing one of them, and as pointed out some RSM somewhere will have a sense of humour failure no doubt.
  10. Hey

    Give the guy a break if he is a cadet NCO then its a case on Monkey see monkey do he is obviously a keen chap and there is no harm in wanting to look the part (though bag of spuds comment also applies - so it better look good). He has obviously seen similar of someone in the Army and aspires to look as good (its all in the perception of the individual). With the right encoragement he may well then go onto join and earn it the hard way - give him a break.

    If he is an AI or whatever they are called these days then once again he obviously wants to look the right part - looking the part is 50% too being the part and doing things right as an instructor - it set the scene before any action takes place - I have seen many an Adult Instructor in the ACF who did not look the part and set the right example to his or hers cadets in turn, I am sure then his peer group and command team will give guidance where required.

    And of course if he is a Walt then so long as he does a good job there in no harm to our image - if not he will feck it up get gripped by his RSM and he learns the hard way!

  11. Any one got a pic of a slashed peak? Not sure what every one means and im interested in what it may be now!

    T C

  12. Hmmm decades=10 years last time I of decades would be..ummmm 20 years....*runs off to click on that link*
    Goes to the cover page....looks at the date of 2004.. *brain fart*...20 years and 2004...errrmmm...*counts fingers* that REALLY only 2 years ago???

    Doubles back..checks the properties of the word documents..oh...created in 2004 by the MOD....

  13. Simple reply..nope they are not
  14. Can't fault your arithmetic old chap. But, if you look at the beret colours, they are about 20 years (22 to be precise) out of date. Was it not in 1984 that DWR, PWO, etc converted from Blue Berets to Khaki?