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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by christine, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. just a story to tell all those budding souls waiting to involves my son who is nineteen he spent 2 years in the marine cadets and four years in the army cadets attended the 14 weeks army preparation course last august passed the barb test and interviews attended the two days selection at pirbright and passed that ,on the 5th of march he started the 14 week phase 1 training at pirbright he felt a bit home sick in the first few weeks but that passed.on easter monday yes easter monday of all days we had a one minute phone call from his commading officer who stated that my son was being sent home because they felt that he was not muture enough to join the army and defered him for four years.others are to be sent home this week remember just because you pass the two day selection this means nothing in real terms my son is still not home but has handed all his gear in and is just bumming around till i beleave friday when he can come home he has just wasted years of this could be next so beware
  2. Maybe in 4 years he be muture?
  3. You can't blame the army for him being home sick.
  4. Seems a bit quick and strange. Thought COs etc only rang the homes of trainees under the age of 18.
  5. That seems to be a bit odd, especially given his age and his previous commitment to it. There may be a deeper story to this that Mum should take a look at with her son on his return.
  6. Disapointing I know but in military terms he has years ahead of him! Keep him focused (If that is what he wants) and he should do well in future. I know a bloke who has a similar tale, he sank really low after he got home, so low that he joined my TA unit! Within 6 months he was at Brize on his way to a dust bowl, came back and is now in the regular army, enjoying it!
  7. This sounds extremely strange.

    Why (if this is correct) did they bother phoning you at all? If he is
    nineteen, he is an adult soldier and as such should be able to tell his own mum why he's not in the Army any more.
  8. Christine,

    Whislt this is disappointing for you and your boy it may well be the case that when you talk to him you'll come to agree that this might be the best result from his first go at basic training.

    The training staff understand young men very well and also understand the unique and challenging environment that they are entering into. If they are suggesting that he'd benefit from not going into basic training immediately I'd suggest that he'd have a very bad time on the course possibly fail and be "damaged" from the experience.

    Suggest to your boy that this isn't the end of the story and to take some time to think about what he wants.
  9. What were the Army supposed to do ? Send him out on tour unready and unprepared and get him killed as a result ? You'd be moaning a damn sight harder if that was the case.

    Believe me, if the Army could work out exactly who'd pass out during two days of selection they would. Why spend money wasting someone's time if they don't have to ?

    As for it being a "waste", that's up to him. If he does some soul searching, thinks on what went wrong and does something about the areas he fell short in then he'll gain a lot from it - even if he doesn't go back to the Army. If he just whines "it's not fair Mum" then he'll fail at being a civvy as well.
  10. One_of_the_strange, I am the Sam Tyler to your Gene Hunt.

  11. futher to my story about my son when the commanding officer phoned he was under the impression that mark was under 18 he didnot know that he
    was over eighteen does that tell it all.
  12. I think someone has got mummy's little soldiers home phone and this is a windup! I mean, a 19 year old who is only as mature as a 15 year old........
  13. Ex cadets find basic training a lot harder than recruits with no previous experience,

    The fact the training team find your son immature and not up to the standards required of service life may have something to do with the way you have been molly coddling him, even on this forum

    Let him crack on with a bit of traveling, shagging dirty birds all over the world and doing his own thing on his terms, then let him decide to re-join

    We need soldiers with life experience, not 4 star cadet badges
  14. Incidentally, why?
  15. I haven't heard of a discharge being handled in that way, even for an adult. Is someone winding you up? Or is your son being economical with the truth?