the dreaded council tax

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by fazzy, May 7, 2008.

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  1. Can i claim a discount on council tax. The situation is as follows. I own my own house that wife'kids live in. I work away, home for 6 days a month. I go on ops, currently going to be away for 11 months in the next 18 months (overseas). I pay FERKIN CILOT on my accom at work place. Council said, i'm on the electoral reg for my house (i can change it) and they said i need to re register doc/dentist (told them not registered to the crappy nhs in my town.. tin tarmy)

    1 Is there any discount instead of paying full whack for a house i visit! and dont actually live in.

    2 This is bledin discrimination. If i wasnt so law abiding then i would declare separated and get single parents etc. arrrhhh.

    This country sucks!
  2. Council Tax is levied against the property, not the individual. Whilst some councils will accept SLA as a 'main residence', most won't. It seems that the legislation is poorly drafted, and allows the council to interpret it either way.

    In my own case, the council refused to accept that the Mess was my main residence, even though I only spent 6 nights in the house I owned over a period of 7 years! They asked for evidence that I was paying council tax elsewhere, and would not accept CILOCT as such, because it is paid to central government and not directly to an LA. However, I know that some people have found their councils more sympathetic.

    The AFF have done a lot of work on this - give the local branch a call.
  3. Didn't John Prescott have access to 3 residences and wasn't paying council tax on any of them - how did the fat knacker get away with that?
  4. He was a politician, you are a soldier. When mobilized for Grapple, I asked my local council if I could get a council tax discount. They replied I could not as I was not actually leaving the house "empty". It became overnight therefore the most expensive wardrobe in Christendom.

    As I rang off, I asked the council droid what would happen had I been about to pop away for six months at HMP. "Oh then you wouldn't have to pay anything."

    So that was the day I realised that really, you can't make this stuff up...
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  6. they have pretty much got us by the short and curlies!!!!
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Exactly the same happened to me

    York council stated that if they could see furniture in the house then it was deemed livable
    It didn't matter if you hadn't lived there for 6 years - it was still available for you when ever you wanted it
    Although if I was going to prison instead of Iraq then they would happily give me a bigger discount because Iraq's jusat round the corner and you can always pop home on a weekend :x
  8. Can anyone advise what reference, directive or what ever keeps councils held to support service families who live in hirings? As we pay into the central pot, do we have a direct legal hold over councils who fail to deliver on bins, street lighting etc? Especially as we in many cases pay more than the going council rate due to our pro rata system? Not quite a general question but I am looking to see what ammo is in the armoury should it come to this in the next weeks or so!
  9. As a matter of interest, are there any individuals who have tried this ploy:

    In the sand at the moment and York Council said they would rather eat broken glass than give me a discount for this 6 month stint. I'm away again for an even longer stint next year. Can I remove myself from the elctoral role and the wife sit in the house as a single parent? Would this gain a discount?

    Just looking at ways of not having to pay the arrses who empty my bins once a fortnight.

    Many thanks
  10. Whining about council tax is, like, soo 1993.

    Are you really that tight that you would go through all the hassle and fill in all those forms just to get a temporary discount on council tax!

    I suppose you could just fack off to Spain/Australia like every other knob head thats too thick to realise that this is the finest country in the world (and belive me - lots of them realise it in the end).

    If your council tax bill really hampers the quality of your life that much (which I sincerely doubt) then you really must be a hapless tw_at, so good luck to you.

    Are you all Scottish?
  11. Interesting post Bikini_Black and thank you for your thoughtful insight. In the words of the immortal PTI - 'Jog On'.

    Personally I would rather have the money in my pocket than theirs and when you can respond to a thread without the need to use foul language, please return to your primary school to complete your education.

    And no I'm not Scottish, I'm British, rather proud of it as a matter of fact.
  12. That is the funniest thing i've heard all week! Fan-bl**dy-tastic!
  13. An interesting article, however it doesn't tell the whole story. The Op Council tax discount is only payable to MARRIED personnel. Again us single folk are shafted.

    & they wonder why the divorce rate is so high in the forces when you are encouraged to marry to receive the max benifits.
  14. if your making there taking, they do not discriminate. You need to remember when it comes to tax collection the gobermint and the local barm pot gobermint act independent of each other when they are tax collecting...