The Drambuie Pursuit - H4H Need Your Votes!

Hi everyone,

In support of Help for Heroes I am entering a team in to an endurance race called the “Drambuie Pursuit”.

To cut a long story short we need your votes to get a place in the competition - voting ceases on 31st March whereby the top 5 teams will be allegeable to compete and the team in top position will be given £2500 towards their charity.

Please show your support & vote for “Team RIFF RAF” via the attached link - just enter your DOB then click on "Vote", it's free and takes 10secs!

Vote For Team RIFF RAF Here

I know we are RAF "Crabs" but it is all about Jointery these days & it's for a worthwhile cause!

Further details about the event can be found on the Help for Heroes website.

Help for Heroes - The Drambuie Pursuit

Please pass this thread on to all your friends, family & anyone else who might be willing to help.


Joe Dale
33 Sqn
RAF Benson

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