The Drake Centre - Plymouth

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shortfuse, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. What in all that is f ucking holy is that monstrosity all about?

    Is this a new style of architecture called "pile of shite with a massive subsidence problem?"

    Did someone saw one of the legs off of the surveyors theodolyte when they were marking the site out?

    Was it built by teams shipped in from Romanian mental institutions?

    Did someone fold the f ucking plans up wrong when the foundations were being laid?

    Did someone advertise they were re-making Michael Jacksons "Thriller" video and advertise for 3000 extras?

    They were holding a "Herald baby of the year" award upstairs and it looked like the fleet had deposited its semen into a gaggle of THE most unattractive inbreeds I've ever f ucking clapped eyes on.... and I live near Hatfield so believe me I've seen my share.

    Answers on a post card as to what in christs name this has done for the reputaion of British architects.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. For comparison I give you Hatfield

  4. That's one of the better shots of Hatfield

    F-ucking inbreeds and students is all that lives there.
  5. wheres the bombed out cathedral? been nicked probably

    At least its sunny in Plymouth sometimes!!
  6. I think the photographers standing next to it.
  7. The Drake Centre looks like friggin Taj Mahal compared to this monstruosity just built in my home town


  8. What is this, bitchy architects fu'cking weekly? Get a grip. The only items of interest in any town are: boozers, whore houses and kebab vans!

  9. Your wish is my command

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  10. Is this worth getting the duty driver out of bed for?

    No,probably not.

    Stand easy.
  11. Kebab wagen

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  12. Well Plymouth is the place for you - plenty of those about - as well as sh1t hole estates (Devonport, Swilly) single munters (I mean mothers) and chav scum with the worse, god awful accent.

    Also home to the thickest suicide bomber in the world - they probably told him to go to the capital - so he headed off to Exeter
  13. Post modernist Chernobyl, what do you expect if your construction crew are of Eastern European origin?
  14. it's a gigantic m!nge!

    revolutionary archtecture even if it isn't going with the times, it's definitely too hairy

    This has been going on for at least two years since developers landed in the city , making it almost unrecognisable. We've caught greed disease.

    Historic plaques marking heritage sites, and historic buildings, have been nicked, destroyed, and sold off by builders and thieves. The New Palace Theatre was not always a drugs den and actually was home to Chaplin at one juncture. Now, it stands neglected and rotting. Plymothians are not all booze swilling and snorting , some are actually good people who are far too polite to be either racist or outspoken. These people quietly resent the influx of developers, scallies and incomers from all over the place. Social engineers however, have tied their hands and gagged them it seems.

    A large consortium is planning "a Barcelona style resort", not even mentioning social housing for the poor and homeless communities, who still after three years, have nothing to look forward to.

    Yes, Drake Circus is an eyesore, no question.An Architect's ego gone mad. Even veterans are largely ignored by the public though it's a garrison city too.

    Check out joe public and civic serpents, conspicuous by their absence last veterans day this year...

    High rise yuppie palaces are springing up everywhere, and developers are taking away and blocking access to the walks, views and access to areas which the southwest has enjoyed until now.

    The peace and quiet of Devon has all but gone, along with its identity, which seems to be denied to locals but demanded as a right, by the various groups descending on the Southwest. Identity is ingrained in any culture.

    With the addition of lapdancing entertainment on the Barbican,with purple Blackpool style buildings and extortionate prices, we can say goodbye to our history and heritage as cultures and business trample all over us.

    Only in Britain.

    Cornwall is next.