The DPA and DLO are dead.... long live the revolution....

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Litotes, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Both the DPA (11 years old?) and the DLO (9-10 years old?) died over the weekend and were replaced by the DE&S - Defence Equipment & Support!

    The new organisation has about 29,000 staff based on 65 sites, and has a budget of some 43% of the Defence Budget. There is a new Minister of State and there will be lots of publicity in the press!


    May God bless all who sail in her!

  2. 29,000 staff? Isn't that more than the Infantry and the Artillery combined? What do they all do?
  3. Without wishing to appear negative about this merger, the roles of the former DPA and DLO had distinct, but important differences. The role of former was to take the reqt from the EC and turn it into something tangible. The role of the latter was to take this tangible entity and manage it in-service through to final disposal. Both roles require completely different skill sets and deliver within vastly different timeframes.

    The purpose of the merger is to integrate these two functions and deliver effective through-life management. I commend this aspiration but (a) does it put too much power and influence (43% of the defence budget) into a single pair of hands, and (b) can such a huge organisation be truly effective?

    Interestingly, the Home Office is going in the opposite direction. Splitting into more manageable directorates iot provide more effective service delivery.
  4. This guy you mean?

    Wonder if he will still be there in a couple of month time?
  5. I only report on what landed on my desk this morning! Pretty nifty work on someone's part, as it happens!

    I have no comment on how an organisation that size, created from two organisations with completely different outlooks (one buys the kit and throws it over the wall quick, and the other keeps that kit going for 25-35 years before selling it to some other mug...) can be made to work.

    But it will be made to work, because the one thing that the MOD has, and the Home Office hasn't, IMHO, is a very strong corporate image with a recognisable goal.

    I also recognise that if the organisation is that big, I will, sooner or later, be working in it, as will a lot of people on this site!

  6. Oh joy.
  7. Too late :(

    Run whilst you can...
  8. Are you suggesting that while it is too late for you, we should save ourselves? How noble and in keeping with the great traditions of the dark blue service!
  9. I had the dubious honour of being in Scabby Wood today. Tis true about the DE&S and they have the new signs up to prove it.

    Unfortunatly, all it means is that what was the DPA now has an excuse to do even less work as they (and I quote) "don't know the new processes yet, therefore don't want to make documents which might be unusable".

    They were oxygen thieves, they still are oxygen thieves, they will be oxygen thieves for years to come.
  10. Several Arrsers on here (including more than one Mod) will back me up on this one. Thankfully, I've never had the pleasure of going near Abbey Wood...
  11. No... No... Noooooooooo

    I've only just bloody worked out the departmental buisness shareholders structural TLAs.
  12. For those with DII, go to the DE&S news story (which will doubtless be on for a few days) and then choose the corporate branding document from the related links. There are 67 pages (although Acrobat stalls by about half way through) of management-speak drivel about the 'meaning' behind the DE&S logo. All very Stalinist, and God alone knows how much it cost. After about page 3, you will just want to sit in a circle with your colleagues, in an inclusive fashion, singing Kumbaya.
  13. Any suggestions for a suitable name for the new logo? I would like to propose the 'purple plectrum'. :)

  14. Looks like a "Prices Slashed" sticker from the Kwik-e-mart.

    What's it supposed to represent, other than the haemorraging of cash to BaE? Perhaps that's it, its a graphic representation of a plasma bag... I claim my prize.
  15. All of the above, in addition to the propaganda from DE&S, completely ignores the fact that this is simply reverting to what they had in 1991, before the In Service Support elements of MoD(PE) were transferred into, what became known as after a few iterations, DLO.

    The main justification is "through life support". Well, thats what they used to do pre-1991, when one NAMED individual would be responsible for any given equipment or platform, from cradle to grave.

    It is not that different skills are required. The important point -re skills, again completely ignored by MoD (because it's too embarrassing), is that Support is something you should learn before being promoted into Procurement. If you don't understand support, you are placing at risk, right up front, a part of your project that will account for over 80% of through life costs. That's daft.

    That, my friends, is the top and bottom of the vast majority of procurement cock-ups. And they will therefore continue.