The Dominic Cummings Appreciation Society.

It's not that obvious because it's not definitive. It's a set of regulations subject to additional and subsequent clarifications/exemptions which are not included within that document.

It's that fundamental failure of comprehension which largely accounts for the fact that Cummings is still in post and multiple media organisations are likely to find themselves on the wrong end of an IPSO ruling.

Throughout this debacle, the 'Get Cummings' brigade have shown a remarkable resemblance to those self-appointed 'legal loophole' champions whose combination of unshakeable certainty and woeful legal ignorance effortlessly turns a driving offence worth three points and a 60 quid fine into a driving ban and a two-year suspended sentence.

Hardly. Have you actually read the relevant regulations?


oh dear
YesCymru have seen a membership surge as 500 new members have joined up in five days, organisers say.

The cross-party campaign which fights for Welsh independence was believed to have around 2,500 members before the current rise.

The number has risen despite their having to postpone marches in Wrexham on 18 April, Tredegar on 6 June and Swansea on 5 September due to the pandemic.

“Over 500 people have joined YesCymru in the last 5 days,” a spokesperson from YesCymru announced. “A massive thanks to each and every one of you!”

The most recent YouGov opinion poll in September 2019 suggested that 24% would vote ‘yes’ to Welsh independence in a referendum, with 52% opposed and 23% unsure.
I live in Wales, I've never heard of them until now......hardly making waves :)
I live in Wales, I've never heard of them until now......hardly making waves :)
Quite a few Scousers belong to them, probably because they want to annex Talacre


Wrong again, that act was permitted under the rules, as has been explained many times before
Which bits exactly allowed him to sidestep this?

“Essential travel does not include visits to second homes, camp sites, caravan parks or similar, whether for isolation purposes or holidays. People should remain in their primary residence.”

COVID-19 essential travel guidance

I'd be grateful if you or any of your fellow posters, especially the button mashing simpletons, could provide a similar hard link rather than "because." It doesn't have to say "Dom is exempt" it just needs to match his specific circumstances and not be covered by this 10:02 onwards:
Of course all of this would have gone away had DC not been an Olympic standard arrogant shit.

No offence.
He could "probably" have got away with an immediate apology, specifically to those who were obeying the rules, an offer to resign which would of course have been immediately rejected by Boris because he's essential....or some similar flannel.


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Whose? Mr. Cummings's?
The various medical people who understand these things and have publicly pronounced during the various briefings.
How many people here consider themselves fine upstanding members of the community?
How many of those sympathise with the police that their resources are very stretched?
How many of those are calling for DC to be investigated?

How many of those can consolidate that with the fact that they are demanding an investigation into a 3rd party historic report of a non-recordable offence?
Nah, not me. I'm a misanthropic cúnt. Especially where left-wingers are concerned. They should have their feet held over hot coals until the charred flesh falls from their bones then for light relief be boiled in oil.
True enough that's why he should have not been so stupid. The way I see it he's not let me down, only those who placed their trust in him and Johnson. He has pretty much handed a large proportion of the nation to Starmer on a shinney silver plate. The public will forgive mistakes going into this pandemic not going out.
The public will forget about this by the end of next week as the meeja move on to their next target.

He hasn't let me down either but if he's pissed off a few lefties then BZ as far as I'm concerned.

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