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Oh FFS, AI is used to profile and trend automatically, not some nefarious Skynet thing (yet). They were probably trying to learn the algorithms behind voter behaviour - if person a clicks on this link during a time of day and reacts in a certain way then we know what they're likely to do with certain news articles and how they react. The AI part is learning this correlation and then applying the logic automatically. Certain phrases, keywords or opinions are likely to produce a predictable reaction, therefore exploit it. As an aside it reminds me of a joke I think I read on here once: How do you confuse a Daily Mail reader? Tell them that the illegal immigrant is the natural predator to the paedophile and raises house prices.


Pints of bleach with vim chasers seems to do it for yourself.
I haven't seen Vim or Ajax scouring powder for years. Must have disappeared at the same time as white dog droppings.

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