The Doha Debate

I do not know if UK BBC TV shows this program. The 'Reporter' Tim Sebastian chairs a debate between opposing sides and experts and 'ordinary' folk get their say.
Today they are debating that "Oil has been more of a Curse then a Blessing to the Mid East."
I have said before I have little / no time for Arabs and what I have seen of that part of the world.
One Professor who was big in OPEC has just said 'We (The Arabs) where great before oil and will be so when it's gone.' or words to that effect.
Much of the argument is that the west would have no intrest if there was no oil located there.
Tim S keeps trying to tie down the Saudi on the subject of where the money has gone in his country and says that in terms of world wealth Saudi is per capita lower the places like Estonia.
The comment is made that the recently decesed King Of Saudi said "Before oil we rode Camels and I think that the next generation will be back on Camels."

I alway remember our local lads complaining that back in their home village there was no real work other then farming.
Their Idea of real work was as a Government Civil Servant office job a dozen in one big aircon office each with their own desk complete with Computer and telephones the actual number of which indicated status. Of course they all used Mobiles and the actual work was done by the Ni**er in the corner. He was always a real Ni**er as per Flashman an Indian not an African American for our overseas cousins who have corrupted the true meaning. Yes Indian not a Packi who as a fellow Muslim would have some sort of status.

The Mid East was best known for slavery, still is and the next generation may get away with out reverting to the Camel but without oil it is as it always was nothing.
Oh the one things it will be known for in the future is Terrorism, Some Westernerns have really bred that.
PS Roosha acknowlege as part of west.
Trying to figure out what point your trying to get across here????????????????????
Whats it got to do with Doha? Unless I missed it in one of the worst, most boring thread Ive had the mis-fortune to read.
Whats it got to do with Doha? Unless I missed it in one of the worst, most boring thread Ive had the mis-fortune to read.
The Country of Doha is financing the debate.
My point, well if you have lived with arabs you soon learn they talk Sh1t, Oil money has made them all. Without oil they are a zero..
Or they where a zero but know 'We' have wound up their religious intolerance and life will not be the same, Terrorism is here to stay.
Oh I don't claim great skills as an author but I do watch goes on around me and feel the need to comment. Pity it spoiled your day.
Terrorism has always been here, we all know that The Middle East has always been a hot bed for this sort of activity and NOTHING WILL CHANGE.
I think you will find that Doha is the Capital city of the State of Qatar (country).
Don’t worry you didn’t spoil my day, it was spoilt by a hangover already, apologies John.
Using Qatar as an example, not long ago there was a vehicle borne suicide bomber at DESS (Doha English speaking school) when a theatre production was under way. The first one in the country and that was by a Pakistani guy who had worked for QP since the '80's The country has its downfalls, treatment of TCN's etc but as an Islamic State has good education systems, loads of cash, almost western rights for women and supports all kinds of charities etc.
They seem to be using the money in a pro-active way and they are looking at moving their state income to tourism because they know the Oil/Gas wont last forever. They haven’t made the mistakes of Saudi they have a good programme getting Qatari’s into work (well sort of), and they ran the Iraq invasion from Al-Udaid air base.
They also have a quality Golf course. :D
So for one country it seems that the Oil/Gas has been a good thing as they were Pearl fishermen before and mortal enemies of Bahrain.
jonwilly said:
The Country of Doha is financing the debate.
My point, well if you have lived with arabs you soon learn they talk Sh1t
You mean the country of Qatar that Doha is the capital of? Get your facts right before you go off on a rant.
Thousands of years of killing one another in the name of ISLAM will not change just because Oil has become the modern worlds gold within the last hundered years. They are all fvcked.
And there was I thinking I'd found a nice debate on the Doha Round, and instead found ramblings about all arabs being scum.

Balls to thats.
If Qatar is Uncle Sams little friend in the middle east why does aljazeera (which the USA hates because they say things from a different point of view than CNN etc) get funded and is based in this little friend?
Is it not common sense on behalf of the Qataries to let the US protect their airspace in return for a launch pad?
Oh and if the oil is the only reason for boosting the terrorists in the middle east, what about the Islamic nob heads from Afghan Paki and the other stans?
Some of the Arabs that I have worked and socialised (spelling) with are top blokes and birds. Western 'tar everyone with the same brush without knowing the facts' agaiin me thinks.
Oh and just to let you know, China and Japan are the biggest buyers of oil and gas from Qatar must be their little friends aswell, or communists, or maybe just common sense?

edited because Im a mong
And there was I thinking this thread was going to be about Camp Doha - land of ice cream and burgers.
Well, maybe. Some of them will have used the money wisely and created other sources of income - look at that collection of burusties on mudbanks that is now Dubai. Others will find themselves in the kak but with enough they can realise to keep them of the camels back. Some places in the world have never had oil or other special resources but get by happily enough - possibly because what you've never had you don't miss. Not all states in the Gulf have oil anyway. My concern is that they will have learned enough from the times we live in now to say - "Help us or we will come and live with you" Other than genes in a test tube, that is the last thing we would want.
It's British brains behind Dubai's move into turning it's self into the Singapore of the Gulf. Good move on their part or that of their advisers.
the whole gulf worries me, Oman where I was has small oil but everyone knew about the places kuwait with BIG oil and they wanted the same benifits.
Something for nothing.
The disafected are open sores for the Friday infections that cum from the Mosque on Prayer Day.
The open wounds will run and run for Arabs never forget and never forgive.

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