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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Goatman, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ( what do you mean...there IS one ? )

    Link here

    Just a quick question to ARRSE users....if you were given the would YOU improve the DMETA website ?

    Answers will be treated with almost medical levels of anonymity !


  2. Where would you start?

    With a professional web designer, I suppose.
  3. This is nasty and almost qualifies for ARRSE top humour spot. Funny thing is, there are guidelines for Defence related websites (believe it or not) especially when they are hosted on MoD UK servers. I believe (sorry, no access to intranet from here) it's the JSP 700 series. Anyhow, the site is sh1te and smacks of amateur creation. The MoD has templates, schema and all sorts of stuff that could elevate it from blog to site. Crack on.
  4. 1: DMETA website should look professional - sorry Karl.
    2: Very little content that is any use to anyone - it's all "it will be there later"
    3: Allow people to choose their own log in names and passwords - so that I might remember it without having to go to the secret place where I have it written.
    4:Include all claim forms, advertise Adv Trg, i.e. make it useful.
    5: Publicise it better - all the docs use cos it works, is secure and is established.

    Most sadly of all - DMETA / DMS has the most disparate group of people under its control, some in NHS jobs outside MDHUs, some in MDHUs, some in units, some on ops. Surely we should have access to up to date info.
    Speaking as someone working in an NHS job outside of MDHUs the only military contact I have is ARRSE, and my pay check. I'm not told of Adv Trg etc. I am in a 'virtual' unit its a shame it doesn't have some real 'virtual' presence.
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    many thanks to all who responded. mate of mIne is in touch with the guys who put this together - will pass along valid suggestions - suitably sanitized :) Much appreciated.

    Lee Shaver
  6. Just one more thing - the site must respect copyright if (as in the past) they use images provided by individuals rather than MOD.
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Interesting point that VB.....if you are employed by t'Crown any photo you take whilst on Crown business ( that is, deployed on Ops) er...blong Crown all same same.

    So, if you wing a phot to DMETA and they stick 'Crown Copyright' on it....they're within their rights. and whilst you might want to get a legal eagle to prove the point, I suspect the high priced advice would be

    " VeeBee - if this goes to court - you'll lose. "

    O'course a shot taken by a Crown employee off duty - different kettle of fish.

    I'll wing a link to this thread to the guys and see what develops.

    Lee Shaver
  8. Oh and look into the BATLS website disaster. BATLS website put together at someone's own expense, trialed, found to be useful, but not funded.
    Why isn't this part of one of the DMS websites - the funding can't be that much in the scheme of things.
  9. The top banner has buttons within it, horrid! These should be separate and most definately if used as buttons, should be more defined. Also if you're going to have buttons/links in the top banner, they should be reflected throughout under the one design. the long string of links looks pathetic. theyve taken 6 minutes to design the top banner buttons, but gave the main heading links approx 23 seconds worth of thought! Horrid and amateurish in my opinion.
    The white background works from the 'sterile' side of life but doesnt do anything for the look of the site. it needs closure on all 4 sides of the screen or else it will still look amateurish when theyve fixed the button issues.. It smacks of just being 'stuff chucked on a blank canvass' rather than information placed on a web page (IYSWIM)
    It definately needs looking at in conjunction with the various internet JSPs. There are set sizes and layouts for images, etc.

    Other than that? dunno.
  10. And...
    Details of DMS library services, maybe interesting journal articles relevant to us, a MEDLINE/CINAHL search engine set up as a gateway to the subscriptions I'm sure the DMS pays for. Talk of a 'virtual military hospital' may be a bit far but its not a bad idea to aim for.

    As an army we restrict many pieces of useful information have a look at the US Army Borden Institute, lots of useful textbook available to download

    The message board is a good idea but hasn't really taken off - there are some ideas for good practice that I'm sure people have developed that need to be spread and discussed rather than everyone reinventing the wheel.

    Military healthcare has been a major news story in recent times. It's a shame we don't have a professional online presence - it certainly doesn't help our image.
  11. Not in my case. I am a contractor, so not directly employed by the Crown. Also, I am advised that as I am not employed as a photographer, the cameras etc. are my own and the images in question were not of a subject relevant to my job, the copyright stays with me. The images were taken at an event to which the public had access.

    What irked me was that I included the standard copyright notice with the images, which advised that they must be credited (I'm trying to build a portfolio and being able to show that my images have been published is useful); DMETA just ignored it.

    I have, in the past, successfully taken a NHS Trust to task over use of copyright images; these were supplied specificaly for use in an in-house magazine, but they failed to credit them (whilst invariably crediting the work of their in-house photographer), and also used them on their website and a large mural display. Their argument was that as I took the images on 'their' property, and that as I worked there they had copyright and could use images as they wished. I was able to show that this was immaterial and we reached a satisfactory conclusion.
  12. anyone got a link to the DMETA Annual 2005-2006 report?
    Apparently theres is a picture of me in Sierra Leone and it has me down as a CMT!!! the humiliation!
  13. I've seen worse, although it's clearly designed for non-DMS personnel (indeed, it seems to be designed for civvies). However, I find the cartoons of the casualty extraction process rather worrying! Who removed the casualty's helmet? Where's the team medic's weapon? Etc. And whose idea was it that the casualty have a big smile on his face as his leg gets splinted? Is he flying on morphine or something?

    DMSTC runs a casualty extraction demo exercise for visiting big-wigs. Why not get Freddy the Flash to take some action shots next time it runs and replace these with proper photos?

  14. do you know how long it actually takes to get the phots back from him?!! Theyd be as out of date as the MoD think tank is by then!
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Finally got out of the gutter then, Foxy.