The dissapearing turd?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RAPPLEBY2000, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. I worked with a guy that served front line German area in the cold war (80's).

    They were an observation tank group(I think) waiting for the Russians, they apparently did a lot of sneaky-beaky work and E&E assuming they would be overrun very quickly and at time things got boring!
    but their hiding skills had other uses :wink:

    I was told that while someone (probably newbie) went for a shovel recce, unknown to the newbie another from the group would hide next to the latrine with a shovel to catch the turd.

    after his doings, the hidden soldier quietly removed said turd with shovel taking it away but remaining hidden, leaving a very confused newbie
  2. My bold. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... etc etc etc
  3. That's nothing. I remember a young recruit getting prodded in the chest by an RSM, who incidentally had mistakenly had sex with his own daughter whilst doing Orderly Officer a few years previous, and when was told that there was shite on the end of the stick had said 'Not this end Sir and you can't jail me because I've only been awake 30 seconds, although you can jail me on the grounds I drove a Stalwart across the channel last night'
  4. Was that the same recruit who did 22 years as a Tom and got an RSM's pension?
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    That's nothing, the same RSM came into our sh1thouse block once to inspect it and a lad had put a melted mars bar on the seat...............Oh fcuk it I can't be arsed.
  6. Oops sorry, thought this was about Whet.