The discounts forum - long overdue

Firstly welcome to the discounts forum. Something that is long overdue!

The ground rules are:

No spam. In this case this means any posts that aren't offering a genuine useful discount to members of HM's most esteemed unformed services.

No financial products without permission from . Upon pain of account suspension or, in less severe cases, eternal damnation.

No get-rich-quick, network marketing or porn.

No advertising of other forces discounts sites except the official one: (very useful)

Any other rules that the mods and admins may see fit to pull from their backsides and indiscriminately apply.

Let the money saving begin!
Tattoo Art Cyprus: Discount Forum
Ive spoken To Rob at Olive Net and he has advised me to use this forum to let people know of the discount we will allow all forces perssonel stationed or visiting Cyprus. I dont know if I am allowed to go into detail about our Tattoo Studio,perhaps you can inform me, as I dont want to be accused of spamming. For now then I'll just leave the basic details:
Larnaka Ink, (World Class Artists)
Opposite the Police Station at the entrance to Phinikoudes (Larnaca Seafront)
Gregori Afxteniou Ave, Larnaca.
15% Discount :D
No need to shout there at the back!
50% off cruises...ABTA number is W8836 - Company 1st4Cruises....telephone set up specially for the military. I was not spammnng...It was genuine. I am an Army wife and wouldnt spam!
Seems Cunard and Princess Cruises offer on board credit to those from over the pond but not to Brits. Perhaps they need a kick from the arse?
Or perhaps you could buy your own company and do what you like with it rather than dictate to others?
Mayhem Board Sports in York do 10%. Just produce MOD ID. Top guys, really helpful.

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