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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by jog_on, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Decrees from above. Discuss.

    Personnel with aptitude to be loaded on to courses - HUMINT, IMINT, LANGUAGES, towards the end of current posting irrespective of individual wishes. Unless this is RUMINT which would surprise me as the individual concerned is a trustworthy type.

    Even when said individuals have no desire to do it, have never expressed an interest and are unlikely to pass without being well motivated.

    What is the point?

    Hasnt this been tried unsuccessfully before?

    Moreover, can one refuse to go (without serious repercussions) ? I know the needs of the service come first and the needs ofthe soldier come a close second, but I have been putting the needs of the service first for several years and Im bloody tired of tours. Guaranteed multiple deployments for those that pass. Hmm.
  2. gen question - are you a new arrival on arrse, or an existing member using a new ID for your own protection? i could understand why, given how many people read the site now.

    no problem either way, just curious.
  3. Yes its happened before - I was loaded on a long language course straight from A3 - I had no desire to do it - I was one of the few who wanted to sit in a panzer in a German farmer's field doing Combat Int in 7 Coy. However I had the aptitude ('cos I'm a legend me) and like everything in the Army I just got on with it. I know others of my generation who were pushed down the HUMINT game without knowing too much about it and not initially wanting to do it - one in particular did extremely well at it.

    So nothing new really - is it ideal - well no it isn't but you could give it a spin maybe? Coming out of the comfort zone thing and broadening your horizons is also a good thing sometimes. However that said I have managed to spend a good proportion of my time sat in panzers since - albeit not in German farmer's fields anymore!
  4. Agreed CombatIntMan. I know of one individual (about your era) who was dragged kicking and screaming onto the UKIAC, and when there did everything in his power to fail it. However, he ended up becoming something of an expert in the field and actually had a 'spanking' (See what I did there) time working in that arena.

    Going off thread, I had an email from that SG Capt we worked with, he is well and still going off on mad holidays. Just came back from Georgia of all places. Cracking timing.
  5. I used to read ARSSE about 3 years ago but havent been an active member.

    Having spent most of the last 3 years out of the country I havent really had the time or inclination.

    Just for the record, I am an openminded sort of bloke, and Im prepared to put the effort in on this course but the timing could NOT be worse and I reckon that if it were delayed by a year I would be refreshed mentally and physically and stand a good chance of passing.

    If it is going to happen, which I have no illusions it will,then ideally I would like a delay (maybe even asked when I would be personally able to do it - direction dressed up with manners is often much more motivating ).

    I also dont want to be associated with certain types who spit their dummy out - I merely ask for a reasonable time to settle back into a slighty more normal life !
  6. sounds completely reasonable jog. what did your chain of command say when you told them that?
  7. The RAF do that with their Air Crew Selection - they choose what you are good at, not you. Some branches of the RN draft individuals on to courses, which will drastically change their career profile, based purely on the needs of the Service.

    To a certain extent, the Army steers potential recruits towards a career that they do not necessarily want, because the Recruiter knows best.
  8. Which one of the 3 WO's discussing this precise subject, exactly to the very word at 1640hrs today at my location are you? You're the one in the hotel tonight, all bored ain't yah!!!
  9. Hence you end up with a Flt Sgt (WO2???) in an apron asking if you want 'fries with your burger', whilst you recline in your chair, taking in the movie on the way back from Afghan.
  10. So was that his/her true vocation in life or did the RAF get it wrong; should they be throwing kit out the back of a C-130 or sat in the back of an MR2/R1? :?
  11. Not arguing with you Fraser - for sure offering fries with a burger is every Int An FS true vocation in life, obviously only a very rare few of them will actually be able to fly the trips and serve you as such. The vast majority of course will be downgraded and excused spending a night out of their Lincolnshire beds. Heard a belter regarding a pot FS of the future who turned down a 4 month ship borne trip to the Caribbean FFS because 'he didn't do deployments' (civvy cnut) - with skills like that, he'll be a warrant before he knows it!
  12. It beggars belief that they think they have a choice in the matter. Can you imagine one of your lads coming up to you and saying "I'm not going on HERRICK/TELIC whatever number because I don't do deployments"

    Although it pains me, I will defend some of the Crabs in that I was working with a JNCO IA who managed to get himself RPG'd as he went fwd to conduct his business, ended up casevac'd out of theatre. He then subsequently volunteered to go on ex with the same formation as he wanted to meet all the lads again. He is in the minority however. His other light blue uniform wearing tw@ts basked in his glory without actually doing anything to justify their miserable existence in theatre (one even got a CJO's commendation FFS). His eventual replacement was an even bigger tw@t and did nothing to endear himself to one and all within the section.

    BTW Alfie Boy, you seem to have a big downer on WO's. Is there a story there? :D
  13. Well it ain't me mate, and it ain't the chunky fella I usually 'work' with. Hmmm, who does that leave...... :?
  14. The timing is always bad I think - I did my language course straight out of A3 it wasn't brilliant timing (although I didn't know it at the time) but I suffered from the long language course .... no CR ... no comparison with peers thing on promotion boards thing (and the getting naked at the NAAFI bop and causing (allegedly) a riot didn't help much). Sounds like you are open to it and yes ask for a delay and push the CoC for it ... good on you. Top tip ... don't get naked in the NAAFI bop!
  15. As we both know ... the other good thing about the IA course is the shout at the morning brief 'Is there an IA in the house?'