The dingo did take my baby.....

Seems "it was the dingo wot done it" in the Lindy Chamberlain affair, and after all these years she's finally been told she's totally innocent.

A complete non-story, I know, until you realise the McCann's are sitting at home thinking "Shit, I wish we'd thought of that one"................

Mark The Convict

Largely academic by now, I'd have thought; the child died a vile death either way.
I think I gave her the benefit of the doubt from day one.
However she does not come across well when interviewed so I can understand where the original doubts came from.

Err....not too sure if it's appropriate to tell a story re: the subject matter. Mods remove if unappropriate.

Anyway, years ago on Friday arvo's (POETS) the SQN would have drinkies for who ever was around. A good operator from another SQN rocks up and has a cast/bandages on his left arm. Normal piss taking/repartee etc takes place on how/what happened. Anyway, after much piss taking ol' mate 'fesses up and tells us that he was at his sisters place on the weekend and they have a Dingo as a pet, seems like the Dingo took a fancy to ol' mates arm and 'chomped' it. Just so happened this incident took place after the subject matter occurrence. From that day onwards ol' mate was nicknamed.....Axxxxa. Fucking laugh at the wettie, fucking tears of laughter when he told that story.

He still dines out on that one.....err...maybe not now, PC and all that shit.
Q. How do you bring up an Australian baby?

A. Stick two fingers down a Dingo's throat.

Has anyone done a Genealogy check to see if the McCann's are related to her?
The Chamberlains are camping at Ayres Rock when Azaria starts screaming in her cot. Lindy says "What's fuckin' eating her now?"

Did you hear about the Irish dingo? He broke into the Botanical Gardens and ate all the azaleas.


Always found it strange when they found the babies coat. It was neatly folded up. Very considerate dingo I thought. I was always suspicious of the eldest son, myself.

That old Torana of theirs would be worth a packet too.
I always thought if one native Australian animal had the nous to fit some cunt up for murder it would have been Skippy. He would have at least been able to plant a knife or forge a confession. Dingos? Fuckin' amateurs.

Mark The Convict

'I'm innocent officer, honest. That fuckin' emu's the one you want. 'National emblem', my arse'

Vicious bastards too. I saw a mate of mine get attacked by one years ago. Evolution however, has left marsupials at a distinct disadvantage in a gunfight.

Mark The Convict

The emu will get off with a plea of diminished responsibility. Its mitigating circumstances are well known; all the disadvantages of being a bird, but without the ability to fly that might make it all worthwhile. Frustration like that would push anyone over the edge.

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